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Lesson 4.

Handle your app reviews & ratings professionally

Now you’re getting lots of app-reviews & ratings. What’s next? Being ready for any review. With the number of ratings and reviews increasing, there’ll be more positive messages but also more negative ones. All this feedback needs to be managed — because if you’re not planning to do anything with it, why bother to collect?

The main reason to keep an eye on the ratings and reviews always is that it’s a free goldmine of information about how the customers really experience your services. Thanks to this, you can make decisions on business development — and at the same time, the app’s conversion rate will grow because people will get a way more reliable information about how the app is functioning.

Plug in customer support

Oh yeah, the very first step: before you go for gathering feedback, provide high-quality support to your customers. It’s a fact: things happen, and there always will be tiny complications in user experience. Give them the support they need. Make contacting this support as accessible as possible, so that people facing some inconveniences would turn to the operators, not to the review section.

Address every app store review

App reviews is the new emails and calls. Nobody ignores direct messaging from the customers, why do app owners ignore ratings and reviews on the store than?

Both Google Play and App Store allow app owners to answer the reviews. And users love to feel their opinion matters — in fact, they love it so much they’re even ready to change this opinion after the problem is addressed.

Treat negative feedback as improvement suggestions. When answering angry reviews, react in a calm and friendly way. This contributes to the whole brand image: new app page visitors will see your company working on the quality of services, brand’s willingness to help and respect for customers. After the problem is addressed, you should always ask the customer to delete or change their bad review — that’s a simple way to get rid of poor ratings.

Do not forget to answer positive reviews as well: this shows the gratitude and has favourable effects on the community building.

On the App Store, all the reviews on the previous version can be tossed out with a new release. Yet take care: deleting the negative comments, you also get rid of all the positive feedback and come back to the very beginning of reviews collecting, so it’s a kind of critical decision to make.

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