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Grow your taxi business

Expand your taxi business with Onde taxi platform

Onde is the future of your taxi business

With Onde, all your business operations are covered. Manage your company, drivers, and operators from a single platform. Offer your passengers an app to easily order a taxi whenever they feel like it. Get a web app to work with your partners. Keep your traditional model - but do business in a new, improved way to bring it to the next level.

That’s why we offer

Onde is more than a technology provider. With years of experience, we have the expertise to be your partner in the world of taxi business. This is not just a form of speech - our success directly depends on yours.

Smooth transition from you current solution

Driver automation will help you quickly transfer all the drivers to the new platform, while App Store Optimization will help your users find your company by its name and get it closer to the top of the search list

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Give yourself time to think and go through the platform. A 14-day free trial is there for you to test the solution, evaluate it, and make a decision.

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