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WhatsApp for taxi and ride-hailing businesses

Using WhatsApp to manage taxi orders? Discover the pros and cons of this approach, and compare WhatsApp chatbot with top alternatives for managing the taxi business.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp for taxi companies

While cost-effective and easy for launching a small taxi business, WhatsApp doesn't lead to business growth. Most users now prefer an Uber-like approach to ordering a taxi. 

WhatsApp Pros

WhatsApp Cons

Easy to use with no additional installationsDifficulty in managing multiple bookings
Cost-effective with real-time location sharingLacks advanced fleet management features
 Limited scalability and branding opportunities
 Depends on WhatsApp's stability and security

Alternatives to WhatsApp account for your ride-hailing business

Do you have more than 10 drivers? Do you plan to scale your ride-hailing company or even launch a new service like delivery? Switching to taxi apps helps you attract new customers, track drivers, oversee cash flow, and make informed business decisions with performance analytics. 


WhatsApp for business

Taxi clone apps

Custom app developmentSaaS ride-hailing platform
Time to launch1-2 days3-5 weeks6-9 months4 weeks
Developer on your side requirednono
Hidden paymentsnono
Built-in payment gatewaysnofor extra costby request
Stabilitymostly stableunstabledepends on end-result99.98% uptime
App updates & maintenancenot requiredfor extra costfor extra cost
Apps’ brandingnofor extra cost
Backend built-innot requirednofor extra cost
Marketing assistancenofor extra costno
App stores launch supportnonofor extra cost
24/7 tech supportnonono

Switch from WhatsApp to Onde in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Sign up for a personalized demo.

Share your business needs and software requirements, and go through the Onde demo to see if it fits.

Step 2: Import all drivers.

Onde team will import all drivers with their current earnings and send them automatic invites to the new app.

Step 3: Release apps.

Onde team will release Customer and Driver mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play.

Step 4: Import customers

Onde team will replace the Customer app or provide a redirect to the your new branded Customer app.

Step 5: That’s it, start working with the new apps!

Book a call with our team to see if Onde is right for you

Why Onde?

  • Benefit from our expertise

    Onde has been in the ride-hailing industry for over 12 years. When you get the Onde platform, you also get a dedicated and experienced partner. We are directly invested in your success as our business model depends on your business growth.
  • Unlimited scalability

    We process 2 million orders daily and have 99% uptime. Most solutions have a daily limit (often it’s no more than 10,000 trips per day!) - we don’t. No matter how large your business grows, we have the capability, resources, maps, and languages to support you.
  • Free updates every month

    At Onde, we never stop improving our features and adding new ones. All apps are updated every month for free.
  • Superior 24/7 customer support & personal account manager

    Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you with any issues and answer any of your questions. We’re told, it’s a rare thing in the ride-hailing tech platform business!
  • Get your apps to the top of app stores

    With every Onde plan, you get an App Store Optimization as part of the growth support package. And that’s not it: we are ready to help you create ads, target, use SMM, and apply other marketing strategies.

You're not alone.

Hear from those who switched to Onde and became local market leaders.


Became one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia, alongside Uber and Careem.


Became the fastest-growing taxi company in Central America and the only local competitor to Uber.

Be ahead of the game with Onde!