White label solution

for any on-demand service, whether it is a taxi, ride-hailing, healthcare services, booking or even a pet care.

Passenger app

- Lovable interface
- Perfectly accurate geolocation
- Pre-orders available
- Possibility to track, contact, rate drivers, and leave tips
- Available in your language
- Cash and card payments

Driver app

- Easy online registration
- No-nonsense workflow
- Intelligent algorithm to assign orders
- Possibility to contact and rate passengers
- Automated drivers billing
- Cash and card payments

Dispatch management system

Functional and intuitive interface of the system helps operators to provide a quicker more efficient service by collecting all orders on one dashboard, listed and sorted by relevancy. Address search works like a swiss clock — we spend a lot of efforts to make it effective and easy-to-use. There is keyboard navigation and phone line integration. Worldwide geo-coding is only available in our taxi software.


for hotels, restaurants, bars and receptions

Finding a good business partner is very important and we will keep your partnership safe and sound with our webdesk. Create permanent address and custom POI (point of interest) name, manage your business on tablet, desktop and mobile. You can offer not only instant orders but also pre-booking to provide services whenever clients need it. One click is enough to book your service.

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