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Ride-hailing Factory

Scale your taxi business with Onde’s accelerator program.

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What we do

At Onde, we’re determined to put decades of ride-hailing knowledge and experience to use. It’s our goal to empower entrepreneurs and give ride-hailing startups the tools to grow and develop. Onde’s ride-hailing factory exists to bring this goal to life.

Who will benefit from this program:

What to expect from this program

At Onde’s ride-hailing factory, we take a no-nonsense approach to learning. The learning blocks reflect the topics we cover and the questions we focus on.

And there is more…

After decades of supporting global ride-hailing companies, Onde gives various entrepreneurs a chance to:


  • No, we don’t expect any equity.

  • It’s free for all participants.

  • Onde’s Ride-hailing Factory will go on for 7 days.

  • Of course! Please contact for details.

  • First of all, we’ll look at your responses to the questionnaire, so please take your time and answer questions in as much detail as possible. Secondly, we will look at the relevance of your business to what our program can offer. Finally, we might contact the responders by phone to find out more about their goals and ideas.

  • Yes, of course! Watch and learn :)

  • Ride-hailing Factory will happen online and include both webinars and video recordings.

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Program start: 2024
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