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Onde Ride‑hailing Factory

Speed up your business. Use our expertise.

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Why Onde Ride‑hailing Factory?

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Who we are

Onde is a company of experts challenging the status quo in the ride-hailing industry. We know from 10+ years of experience how to launch a viable innovative business that will both grow and make customers’ lives easier. With 200+ business partners all over the world, Onde is at the heart of a full-of-vim community of ride-hailing entrepreneurs. It’s your chance to join and make the most of your ambitious ideas.

With Onde Ride-hailing Factory, we give participants up to 100 hours of training, covering:

  • Product Development

    Product Development
  • Marketing & Scaling

    Marketing & Scaling
  • Leadership

  • Fundaraising

  • Sales


It’s not just us talking, though.

You’ll get to know external experts in venture investment, sustainable business partnerships, and scaling a ride-hailing business.

Who you are

You want to start a profitable and scalable business. You might not know everything about it yet, but you’re definitely ambitious and ready to make your first steps in the business world. Or you already have a ride-hailing business but want to innovate.

You need some guidance, mentorship,
insights, and experience.

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What to expect
from Onde Ride-hailing Factory

At the Ride-hailing Factory, we work with learning blocks. Only no-nonsense stuff included.
  • Onde Ride-hailing Factory - Product


    How to build a product both viable and ready-to-scale?

    What mistakes do ride-hailing giants and startups make?

    How to avoid these mistakes?

    How to pivot or diversify in times of crisis?

  • Onde Ride-hailing Factory - Marketing


    How to start small—and grow to beat big competitors?

    How to grow despite a limited budget?

    How to enter a new market?

    How to build a customer base from scratch?

  • Onde Ride-hailing Factory - Fundraising


    How to prepare for fundraising?

    What do investors want to see
    in the deck?

    How to make that killer pitch?

  • Onde Ride-hailing Factory - Leadership


    How to hire the best people?

    How to manage a diverse team
    of professionals?

    How to collaborate with other businesses?

What you get

  • A fully online 2+ months program

  • Dedicated mentors
    to support your journey

  • A pilot project to test your MVP

  • Expert advice and workshops from real entrepreneurs

  • Access to Onde’s network for knowledge sharing and funding

  • No cost to join!

A new batch coming soon!

Stay tuned to learn about the upcoming call for applications

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