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Сompany of like-minded people
striving for a better world. Together.

Our core values

At Onde, we have a dream. It’s a world where an intelligent city is just the everyday life. Where comfortable transportation is not a luxury, but the most normal thing, in every country. This is how we see our work: making this dream come true, step by step.

We're now looking for

Project manager

With great power comes great responsibility...

Android developer

Welcome to our great team!🚀

Java developer (Operator app)

Welcome to our team!

DevOps Engineer

Automate it! 

Senior Java developer (Server)

Wanna more challenging Java tasks?

Marketing manager

Join our Growth division!

Pre-sales manager (Arabic and English)

Wanna grow with the company?

Sales / Account Manager (Playfood)

Wanna make our clients happy? We’re a perfect match!

Support Specialist (Playfood)

Playfood needs your support!

Frontend developer (website)

You won’t get bored!


Young professionals

Onde is an open team loving fresh blood. There’s always a chance for young professionals to join
us — and contribute to a better world😎 Recent graduate or still a student eager to work? Check
out the exciting prospects of making a career at Onde! Send your CV to