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Сompany of like-minded people
striving for a better world. Together.

Our core values

At Onde, we have a dream. It’s a world where an intelligent city is just the everyday life. Where comfortable transportation is not a luxury, but the most normal thing, in every country. This is how we see our work: making this dream come true, step by step.

We're now looking for

Java Developer (Operator app)

Welcome to our team!

DevOps Engineer

Automate it! 

Senior Java developer (Server)

Wanna more challenging Java tasks?

Communication (Graphic) Designer

Not seeing the world in just #000000 and #FFFFFF?

Marketing Manager (Playfood)

Join our Marketing Team!

Operational Director Lolo (Cambodia)

May The Process Be With You!


Young professionals

Onde is an open team loving fresh blood. There’s always a chance for young professionals to join
us — and contribute to a better world😎 Recent graduate or still a student eager to work? Check
out the exciting prospects of making a career at Onde! Send your CV to