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We are driven to improve the lives of our beloved ones & act right here Team Photo Team Photo Team Photo Team Photo

About us

Some people dream of changing the world, wait for a brilliant idea to come, and end up doing nothing. Others are driven to improve the lives of their beloved ones and act right here, right now.

Onde business partners bring real value to the people. They are smart with tech that is already out there to grow a business, discover new opportunities, and become market leaders—while others keep reinventing the wheel for ages.

Meet Onde
executive team

  • Eugene Suslo, <br/>CEO

    Eugene Suslo,

    The market demands an advanced tech product — and you can’t build one without an outstanding team!

    We’re not asking “Will we grow further?”. We’re asking, how big do we need to get, and how do we explain to our neighbors that they have to move out...

  • Igor Zu, <br/>

    Igor Zu,

    The code works either 100% right—or otherwise wrong. We aim at 100% right though.

    Our team thinks that understanding bigger concepts is better than knowing many facts. Eagerness to learn and understand is the core value of our everyday work.

Onde history

  • 2011

    TaxiStartup: The Great Beginning

    Igor Zu, Solution Architect: “One morning in May 2011 I woke up and thought it’d be cool to develop a really handy app for ride-hailing. In a week, I had the first version.”

  • 2012

    The boat got its captain Eugene

    Igor: “In the winter the same year I met Ilya Atrashkevish, who has expertise in GPS-monitoring and a passion for human resource management. It was him who got Eugene into the team.”

  • 2013

    First public version of Android apps for passengers and drivers

    First client, “Cowboy Taxi”

  • 2017

    first 100 clients

  • 2019

    New year, new Onde

    Completely redesigned software ecosystem for ride-hailing businesses launch. There’s more to Onde now: you can launch any on-demand service with the Onde platform. The sky’s the limit. First Ride.Right.Now conference Unique event to unite worlds ride-hailing entrepreneurs

  • 2022

    The history is yet to make. Join Onde to do your bit.

    People from our team are in Poland, Bali, Turkey, South Africa, The Netherlands, and Georgia—staying connected across borders and time zones. Our clients improve mobility and transportation in Turkey, Israel, France, Sweden, Australia, Thailand, Morocco, and Kuwait
(the list is actually too long to write down).

Our geography

People from our team are in Poland, Bali, Turkey, South Africa, The Netherlands, and Georgia —staying connected across borders and time zones.

  • Poland
  • Indonesia
  • Montenegro
  • Turkey
  • The Netherlands
  • Georgia
  • South Africa

This is us!

What others say about Onde

Inspire. Challenge. Speed up!

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