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    Metrics that matter | Retention

    Performance metrics provide app-based businesses with all the guidance needed to achieve real success, to become the market leader. We’ve decided to tell about the most important metrics for on-demand mobile apps. Today, meet retention rate.

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    February 2019

    SEO optimization — a step-by-step guide

    Search engine optimization — is a must-have for every online business today. Everyone wants its website to be user-friendly and attract as much organic traffic as possible. But wait, how to do it and not fail? Find out 4 steps to make your website rolling in traffic.

    New analytics company panel

    Heard of our company analytics yet? It gives your business all the data for better performance. You can always look up statistics that matter. This article explains how to get the most out of it.

    High five to a new Onde brand and updated Company Panel

    A new era has begun. From now on, TaxiStartup is becoming Onde – a completely new brand. It will be even more striking, humane, and simple. To prove this, we’ve decided to start with the remarkable change. Please welcome new Onde Company Panel!

    iTunes app analytics: free Eldorado of ASO ideas

    App Store Connect analytics is a treasury of data on your app performance. And: you can use this data just after submitting your app to the Store. Learn how to get the most valuable insights from App Store Connect.

    Really clear step-by-step guide to submitting your app to app stores

    How to submit a mobile app to app stores? Read this 11-steps guide to find out how to trouble-freely publish your app and maximize marketing impact of your primary listings.

    Get more ratings & reviews to make your app popular

    App ratings and reviews are important app store ranking factors. Many app owners do not even realize how essential it is to improve these on app stores. In this guide, you can find practical tips on managing app ratings and reviews.

    Hacking mobile app promotion: one little thing nobody knows of

    Doing your best for app store optimization? Eager to discover all ins and outs? We’ve got one golden tip to share — not many app owners know about this optimization trick, and not many use it. Read and learn more!

    Mobile user acquisition for apps explained

    Mobile app promotion requires serious lead generation marketing efforts. Optimizing your app is just one way to get more installs. But what are the other possible traffic sources for increasing app installs? We’ve collected the best ones for on-demand businesses.

    Use Facebook Analytics and increase your app downloads

    Facebook analytics is a brilliant tool for increasing the downloads of your app. Facebook analytics is integrated into the Onde solution and is easy to use while granting a plenty of insights on the business development and precise targeting.

    Branded vs. non-branded booking apps

    The potential of white-label taxi apps is huge as it makes uber features stack available to any taxi company. But what’s better, a branded or a non-branded app? We compare the two solutions and discover the major differences.

    The main reason taxi companies fail to exist (spoiler: bad marketing)

    Paying little attention to marketing is a major mistake many taxi businesses make. Learn why marketing efforts make such a difference for young taxi companies in the Uber-driven industry and how to avoid mistakes in taxi marketing strategy.

    App launched. How to make it popular?

    The success of app launch is very much a question of finding your own solution for the classic “chicken or the egg problem”. To launch well, you need a lot of clients (who will book your service), and to attract more clients, you need more chauffeurs.

    What to do while launching?

    The biggest challenge of your launch is getting enough drivers and enough passengers at the same time. We share the most valuable ideas to begin with while launching your taxi app.

    What to do to maintain user activity after launch

    Been wondering how to create a bullet-proof marketing plan for your taxi app? We’ve figured out the most important steps for businesses with any budget! Just go on reading and find out what to do at every stage!

    Why you need a mobile application for drivers

    The landscape of the taxi industry is changing rapidly. Back in the days, the hardware inside cabs was a nightmare. With a pair of manufacturers cornering the market, the terminals were bulky, difficult to install and maintain. When one of the terminals crashed, which happened frequently, the entire cab had to be temporarily taken off the road

    How taxi app can partner with hotels, bars, and restaurants

    Breaking news: collaborating with other businesses is all hot! You’ve got all the data about what your clients like, right? Ever been wondering how to use this precious knowledge? Very simple: team up with the businesses your passengers love. How does that work? Let us explain.

    Switching the fleet to electric vehicles | Saytaxi Albania Success Story

    Saytaxi has been active in a transportation business since 2014 and built a reputation for being a reliable and affordable taxi company. The company joined TaxiStartup platform presenting the ‘Last mile’ program aiming at the reduction of CO2-emissions.

    New ‘Unattended Children’ trend | FemiTaxi Success Story

    First, let me ask you a question – as a parent, would you leave a child alone in a car? What about sending him alone in a taxi with a stranger?

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