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    SEO optimization โ€” a step-by-step guide

    Search engine optimization โ€” is a must-have for every online business today. Everyone wants its website to be user-friendly and attract as much organic traffic as possible. But wait, how to do it and not fail? Find out 4 steps to make your website rolling in traffic.

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    January 2019

    How to make a working website | Interview with designer

    Valentin Sauts designs user interfaces for over 12 years. Heโ€™s an experienced art director and a design guru Onde is extremely happy to have in-house. Years of experience havenโ€™t made his heart tough though, and heโ€™s still eager to share some no-bullshit insights on how to design a good website. Learn and enjoy. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Onde-powered: Taiwan-based company launches electric-only fleet of Tesla cars

    Tesla car taxi service โ€” sounds like future, right? The future is here โ€” meet ZEV, the first eco-friendly mobility service in Taiwan. Now you can take a ride on a Tesla for a fair price and help to save the planet.

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