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    How to manage an on-demand business in tough regulational climate

    OTaxi is a mobility startup in Oman. The local transportation market is restricted by many laws aiming to keep disruptive technologies offside. Company CEO, Harith al Maqbali, tells how he manages a friendly taxi business in spite of a sometimes hostile legal climate.

    Greenr Cabs: taking over Malta, no CO2 involved

    How did Greenr Cabs manage to launch a successful taxi startup customers from the whole world are over-enthusiastic about? Fabien Courtellemont, managing director and founder, tells everything about starting a taxi business and helping it grow well.

    Meet LEFA, the brightest mobility startup in Namibia

    LEFA is an on-demand application for ride-hailing in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Since reliable internet connection was available everywhere in the city - it was the right time to introduce high-quality ride-hailing services.

    Taxi Nobil: innovative mobility solution with unconventional business concept

    Eugene Gurnik is launching the first service of personal drivers with premium vehicles in Ukraine, Nobil. Where the idea of this business comes from? How to plan a perfect launch for a mobile app with luxury taxis, ideal for corporate clients?

    Kaiian: “Starting a taxi business is a social move”

    Kaiian is one of the three biggest on-demand companies in Saudi Arabia. They’ve started with an idea of an app-based taxi service accessible for everyone, in small towns. In less than a year, Kaiian makes 4,000—5,000 trips per day and is aiming to develop further.

    10 strategies to get more customers

    Below, you're going to see tips to help you grow, engage and retain customers and profits in 2017, and beyond. Give these 10 strategies a try.

    7 must-have features for an app like Uber

    Here are the key functionalities that need to be developed, to have an app like Uber.

    Drive app installs with Snapchat influencers

    Snapchat is extremely popular among young audiences. It is also known as a very personal, “fair” social network, drawing loyal customers to those who advertise with it. Plus, Snapchat has perfect native tools for mobile app promotion and app install campaigns. In this post, we share the insights into mastering Snapchat influencer marketing.

    How to launch Facebook Ads

    Facebook allows launching extremely precisely-targeted ads against competitive prices. Huge plus: Facebook Ads reach people in a variety of formats. Learn setting Facebook Ads to get the most out of it.

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    November 2018

    Sudan having a very own Uber. Story of Tirhal taxi

    Tirhal is an Uber-inspired app, going very big in Sudan right while you are reading this text. The company managed to achieve the position of a market-leader within less than a year. Now it is meeting the huge demand, driving people around with more than 2,000 cabs.

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