Ride‑hailing conference for entrepreneurs

Business and mobility trends, growth
hacks, and practical cases by local leaders.

  • Day 1

    A full day of practical talks, local leaders success stories, and networking opportunities.
    Fasten your seat belts!

  • Day 2

    Find business partners among passionate entrepreneurs. Meet the Onde team to get on-hands recommendations for your business.

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  • Dianna Yau — RRN Dubai

    Dianna Yau

    Product Manager at Facebook,

    Dianna Yau is a Product Manager at Facebook, building products to scale internet connectivity to the next billion people in emerging markets. Previously, she worked at IBM, Google and Rocket Internet on global strategy, sales, and marketing. Beyond her day job, she helps build up startup ecosystems in emerging markets and has traveled to over 80+ countries mentoring and helping startups.

  • Harith AL Maqbali — RRN Dubai

    Harith AL Maqbali

    OTaxi, CEO,

    An adventurous entrepreneur with an engineering background. Dare enough to fill the gap in the ride-hailing business in Oman, switching from engineering to entrepreneurship at one click.

  • Anna Lazitskaya — RRN Dubai

    Anna Lazitskaya

    Head of Product Growth at Onde,

    Head of Product Growth at Onde.app. Startup person, Lean evangelist, ASO expert and self-care advocate. Minsk Product Community leader and youtube blog maker. Helps early-stage startups launch and growth.

  • Matvey Bondarenko — RRN Dubai

    Matvey Bondarenko

    Operational Manager at Onde,

    Talented person with wide range of interests: from IT to machinery, from music to science. Speaker, Debator, Presenter, always on the top — Head of Account management and Operational manager at Onde.

  • Samrawit Weldemariam — RRN Dubai

    Samrawit Weldemariam

    Hybrid Designs PLC (product Name RIDE), Co-Founder & CEO,

    Serial entrepreneur, Programmer. B.A of computer science, excited to make the world easier and livable through technology. Launched RIDE app to develop transport system in Addis Ababa.

  • Bader ALarjani — RRN Dubai

    Bader ALarjani

    Founder at Kaiian,
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    B.A in finance from S.A. Master in finance from PA.USA In 2016 launched Kaiian that has become one of the leading taxi apps in Saudi Arabia.

  • Brian Chivumo — RRN Dubai

    Brian Chivumo

    South Africa,
    Veedo, Co-Founder

    Brian is a Global Coach & Tech Entrepreneur, a Chartered Management Consultant, a world’s leading authority on Innovation and Street smarts strategies. He is Strategy & Brand Positioning Expert, International keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to state enterprises. Through ethical persuasion and strategy of relational capital, he founded a lucrative company that went on to pull millions over the years.

  • Eugene Suslo — RRN Dubai

    Eugene Suslo

    Co-founder & CEO at Onde,

    Dreamer, entrepreneur, kiteboarder, free diver, BJJ blue belt and life explorer. Love physics and space stuff. Enjoy discovering new things in life.


Day 1

  • Registration,
    welcoming coffee

    45 min
  • Bader ALarjani

    Kaiian, Founder, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Don’t repeat, it’s dangerous! Promotion mistakes that we have done for you

    If anybody says he has never failed -- don't believe: entrepreneurship is about ups and downs, experiments and learnings. How to avoid spending money on irrelevant advertising or influencers? How not to burn out competing with the huge ad budgets of your competitor? I'll tell you, how we failed to become stronger. Anyway, it's more convenient to learn from somebody’s mistakes, than from your own.

    35 min
  • Samrawit Weldemariam

    Hybrid Designs PLC (product Name RIDE), Co-Founder & CEO

    Futurity of the Ride-hailing business in developed vs developing nations

    I will compare technological, social and political direction of the ride-hailing industry in developed and developing nations. Solutions to narrow the gap will be suggested.

    35 min
  • Brian Chivumo

    Veedo, Co-Founder, South Africa

    Building your vision from the ground up

    I will share my own story, ideas and strategies for succeeding through even turbulent times. Here are my basic theses and I'll tell you how we've implemented them in Veedo:

    • — use power of your current environment
    • — focus on breakthrough goals
    • — define right positioning on the market
    • — package your ideas, promote them
    • — learn from feedback
    • — design big, but start from where you are!

    35 min
  • ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕

    15 min
  • Dianna Yau

    Facebook, Product Manager, USA

    Scaling your business in emerging markets

    Come learn tactics to scale your ride-hailing business in emerging markets. We’ll dive into uncovering market insights to localize products, staying competitive in an uber competitive environment and growing hacking to acquire 10x users.

    50 min
  • Secret speaker

    Ride‑hailing domain expert

    35 min
  • 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔

    40 min
  • Passenger‑centric vs driver‑centric market position

    Panel discussion

    Samrawit Weldemariam, Ethiopia; Bader ALarjani, Saudi Arabia; Brian Chivumo, South Africa; Harith AL Maqbali, Oman; Anna Lazitskaya, moderator.

    Is it possible to make riders and drivers absolutely happy? How and why you should define your own strategy that fits your market and vision? Let's discuss it with our experts.

    1 h
  • Harith AL Maqbali

    OTaxi, CEO, Oman

    Giants are giving up. Why Careem has left Oman market?

    Since February 2020, Careem is no longer operating in Oman. Let's analyse reasons that pushed Careem out of Oman market leaving it for Otaxi.

    35 min
  • ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕

    15 min
  • Matvey Bondarenko

    Onde, Operational Manager, Belarus

    Onde platform test drive: what's under the hood

    Launching your ride-hailing app? Learn about Onde system, tech essentials for you to be ahead of the game. Your ride-hailing business is already Onde-based? Are you sure you use 100% of the system? Learn it deeper and discover new opportunities.

    35 min
  • Eugene Suslo

    Onde, Co-founder, CEO, Belarus

    Onde platform: what's new

    55 min
  • Chilling after‑party and warm networking time

    3 h


Day 2

  • Business breakfast

    “Full Ride” participants only

    1 h 30 min
  • Individual meetings with the Onde team

    6 h

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    Day 2

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    • – individual meetings with the Onde team — priority № 1
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    Day 1

    • – conference
    • – lunch & the whole-day refreshments
    • – networking/after-party

    Day 2

    • – individual meetings with the Onde team — no priority**
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Special offer

For all participants till June 12, 2020 inclusively:
  • 30% discount for branded app development from Onde.app: "Premium" and “All included” packages.
  • 30% discount for one Onde marketing package (only for existing Onde clients)
For all participants during the conference period:
  • – special rates for your accommodation at Grand Plaza Mövenpick Media City


Minsk, 19 October 2019

  • Waleed Fakhroo

    Bahrain Taxi

    “Thank you Onde team, all partners who attended the event and speakers for your inspiring stories. The only sad thing is that we should have such event long time ago…

    Thanks for happy meeting all of the awesome partners! Love you Onde team, love you guys all! Now I feel happy, confident and strong”.

  • Melkiesedek-Shivute Ausiku

    Founder at LEFA Urban Mobility Startup

    “It was a great pleasure to be a part of Ride.Right.Now.

    Listening to other ride-hailing business owners, I realized that we all face the same challenges! It was great to meet all these people. Our trust in each other has made us stronger.”

  • Vasile Granaci

    Nexmo The Vonage API Platform

    “Thank you Onde team for the great hospitality and warm welcome! You have a fantastic team of motivated and amazing people!

    See you for the next event”