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Ride.Right.Now: Million Rides Club

Ride.Right.Now is a ride-hailing conference for taxi business owners and those who are just starting out in this field. Ready to meet your colleagues and mentors offline? Join us on February 25 - 27, 2023 in Dubai!

  • Spring, 2025


  • Aliaksei Minkevich (Lyft) — RRN Dubai

    Aliaksei Minkevich (Lyft)

    Director of Engineering and Minsk Site lead at Lyft. Successfully building engineering teams in Ridesharing for 7,5 years. Founder of Project Management School and author of “Project management. How to be professional” book. Strong believer that people and teams are key factors of every project success.

  • Andrei Balahanski (Playfood) — RRN Dubai

    Andrei Balahanski (Playfood)

    Andrei has more than 12 years of experience in business development and growth, as well as experience in successfully managing businesses in 7 countries around the world. His key areas of expertise include anti-crisis management in an international company, strategic planning, PR, operations management, and business consultancy. Andrei enjoys an active lifestyle: he has climbed Elbrus three times.

  • Bader Al Arjani (Kaiian) — RRN Dubai

    Bader Al Arjani (Kaiian)

    Bader Al Arjani is responsible for marketing at Kaiian. He has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Finance, loves numbers, and is proud to be the “finance guy” of the company. His specialty is scaling up.

  • Liano Tika (Lolo) — RRN Dubai

    Liano Tika (Lolo)

    Liano is a marketing manager at Lolo. She's been working in marketing for more than 11 years: FMCG, gamedev, automotive, and IT outsourcing. She's convinced that understanding the target audience and its needs, a comprehensive analysis of the market and competitors, as well as an experienced team are the key to business success. Being a part of the Lolo team, she has prepared a vast set of marketing and business assets and guidelines for Lolo partners to successfully launch their ride-hailing business.

  • Maimana MK (OTaxi) — RRN Dubai

    Maimana MK (OTaxi)

    Maimana MK is a passion-driven marketing specialist, graphic designer, videographer, and photographer. She has been freelancing for 5 years and working with Otaxi for more than 2 years. Her content is full of rare, outstanding ideas.

  • Maksim Ivin (Lolo) — RRN Dubai

    Maksim Ivin (Lolo)

    Director of Lolo - the company that Maksim and his team transformed from a set of basic processes to the stage of a ready-made business. Maksim has 8 years of experience in a digital marketing agency, where he was responsible for business development, attracting 3 unicorn companies as clients. As one of his main achievements, he notes attracting 1 million users to a ride-hailing application. Also made 5 publications in niche resources. Passionate about restoring cars and motorcycles.

  • Sergej Derzap — RRN Dubai

    Sergej Derzap

    C-Level Manager majoring in processes and execution. As a hobby contributes to Management as a profession via PM training, mentorship, and writing as Forbes business council.

  • Artiom Tkaczuk (Onde) — RRN Dubai

    Artiom Tkaczuk (Onde)

    Artiom Tkaczuk is an ASO manager at Artiom is a lecturer at ASO Academy, and he teaches an ASO course at devtodev. As an Onde ASO manager, he has improved rankings for dozens of ride-hailing apps in 20+ countries.

  • Ibtissam EL Hattab — RRN Dubai

    Ibtissam EL Hattab

    Dream chaser and businesswoman Her life philosophy is “The real voyage of discovery consists not only in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” A living proof that if you let your dreams take you for a ride, with patience, you will arrive at your final destination where dreams come true.

  • Anton Nehaenko (YallaMarket and YallaHub) — RRN Dubai

    Anton Nehaenko (YallaMarket and YallaHub)

    Anton Nehaenko, Co-founder YallaHub and YallaMarket. CEO YallaMarket.

  • Liza Shvyndikova (Onde) — RRN Dubai

    Liza Shvyndikova (Onde)

    Liza is a digital marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience. Throughout her career in marketing, she’s been working with a number of international IT companies. Her expertise covers everything from Google Ads to creating websites. Liza believes that strategy and planning are the keys to success.

  • Matvey Bondarenko (Onde) — RRN Dubai

    Matvey Bondarenko (Onde)

    Matvey is a Head of Service Delivery at Onde. He has vast experience in Art Production, Music, and IT. His most cherished skills are communication and negotiation. At Onde, Matvey is responsible for the whole front line of communication with partners.

  • Samrawit Fikru (RIDE) — RRN Dubai

    Samrawit Fikru (RIDE)

    Samrawit Fikru is the founder and CEO of RIDE. She's a computer science graduate and worked as a software developer for more than six years before launching her own ride-hailing app. With her constant strive to learn more and her love for coding, Samrawit is a true inspiration to those around her.

  • Walied Albasheer — RRN Dubai

    Walied Albasheer

    Serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist with 25+ years of experience in technology, business & startups, including successful ventures in EMEA. Founder & Managing Partner of Intuitio Ventures LLC (Dubai, Tallinn, Silicon Valley, Addis Ababa), he’s a visionary leader with strong technical and business acumen.

  • Eugene Suslo (Onde) — RRN Dubai

    Eugene Suslo (Onde)

    CEO, Onde. Dreamer, entrepreneur, kiteboarder, free diver, BJJ blue belt and life explorer. Love physics and space stuff. Enjoy discovering new things in life.

  • Gedion Yitbarek (RIDE) — RRN Dubai

    Gedion Yitbarek (RIDE)

    Entrepreneur and a lifelong learner who is always excited by ideas that produce smart solutions. With a strong background in Engineering, his professional career revolves around systematically addressing complex societal issues and solving them through automated solutions. Eight years ago Gedion moved from the US to Ethiopia to take on the mission of transforming challenges developed nations face into opportunities. He’s optimistic but cautious. He believes in the Ethiopian proverb “Dir Biabir Anbessa Yasir” which means “Spider web could tie a lion if it comes together as a bunch”.

  • Marwa Al Busaidi (OTaxi) — RRN Dubai

    Marwa Al Busaidi (OTaxi)

    Marwa Al Busaidi is a Marketing and Info Syst graduate who has been working as a Marketing Specialist in Otaxi for over 3 years. She is passionate about data, psychology, and art. Her work is inspired by stories. With her marketing background and storytelling skills, she injects magic and brings life to all kinds of topics.

  • Medhat Nafei (Arab Alloys) — RRN Dubai

    Medhat Nafei (Arab Alloys)

    Experienced Expert and CEO with 20+ years of a demonstrated history of working in the mining & metals industry, stock markets, Automotives & Transportation, teaching and writing. Skilled in Analysis, Asset Management, Trading, Risk Management, and Corporate Finance. Strong professional with a PhD focused in Economics from Economics and political sciences Cairo university.

  • Haggai Mandefu (Ulendo) — RRN Dubai

    Haggai Mandefu (Ulendo)

    Degree in accountancy and self-motivated entrepreneur, who loves trying out new things. CEO and founder of Ulendo taxi and Ulendo eats app.

Ride.Right.Now: Million Rides Club Agenda

Day 1

  • Appreciation pre-party for Onde partners only


Ride.Right.Now: Million Rides Club Agenda

Day 2

  • Registration

  • How to create a business strategy and follow through

    Sergej Derzap, Amasty (ex-Juno Operations; Site Manager)

  • Don't try this at home! Common launch mistakes and how to avoid them

    Maksim Ivin and Liano Tika, Lolo

  • Marketing before launch

    Ibtissam EL Hattab, TaxiF Marocco

  • Lunch

  • App Store Optimization: send your app to the top with minimal effort

    Artiom Tkaczuk, Onde

  • How to jumpstart your Social Media Marketing journey

    Maimana MK + Marwa Al Busaidi, OTaxi

  • What I’ve learned about team motivation in 10 years of leadership

    Aliaksei Minkevich, Lyft

  • Break

  • Customer retention strategy: how to keep your passengers from leaving your app

    Haggai Mandefu, Ulendo

  • All for one - one for all bonding

    Gedion Yitbarek + Samrawit Fikru, Ride

  • How to win the hearts of your audience and stay ahead of competition

    Bader Al Arjani, Kaiian

  • 1x1 with Eugеne Suslo, Onde’s CEO

Ride.Right.Now: Million Rides Club Agenda

Day 3

  • Business breakfast with fellows and speakers

  • Registration

  • New business verticals: how to increase your business profitability

    Andrei Balahanski and Igor Tkachenko, Playfood

  • Master-class, 1st part

    Artiom Tkaczuk, Onde

  • Lunch

  • Master-class, 2nd part

    Liza Shvyndikova, Onde

  • Panel discussion

  • How to raise money from 180 investors

    Anton Nehaenko, Co-founder YallaHub and YallaMarket. CEO YallaMarket

  • Break

  • Financing alternatives and the future of ride-hailing

    Medhat Nafei, Arab Alloys

  • Closing speech

    Eugene Suslo, Onde

  • 1х1 with Eugene Suslo, Onde's CEO

  • Afterparty

Ride.Right.Now. How it was

  • Melkisedek-Shivute Ausiku, Founder at LEFA Urban Mobility Startup

    “It was a great pleasure to be a part of Ride.Right.Now.

    Listening to other ride-hailing business owners, I realized that we all face the same challenges! It was great to meet all these people. Our trust in each other has made us stronger.”

  • Waleed Fakhroo, Bahrain Taxi

    “Thank you Onde team, all partners who attended the event and speakers for your inspiring stories. The only sad thing is that we should have such event long time ago…

    Thanks for happy meeting all of the awesome partners! Love you Onde team, love you guys all! Now I feel happy, confident and strong”.

  • Aliaksei Minkevich, Director of Engineering at Lyft

    "The conference went far beyond the expectation! It was a very high quality event with amazing speakers and visitors. I met with very bright people, learned a lot and just had a great time - this is exactly what you hope to get from such events! I want to say a huge thank you to the Onde team for organizing this event on the top level. It’s been an honor to participate in it!"

  • Marwa Saad, Marketing Specialist at OTaxi

    "It was great to meet people from different countries and backgrounds, to exchange knowledge and hear their inspiring stories.   

    Thank you Onde for the exceptional event and for giving us this amazing opportunity!"

Places to visit in Dubai

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