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Lesson 3.

How to gather lots of app ratings & reviews?

To be able to do any app store optimization with success, an app has to collect as many positive reviews and high ratings as possible. It’s a good practice to start accumulating them even prior to the launch 🤯 The very first time your team and all the people you know are going to test the app, ask them to leave some reviews — this will be a smooth beginning.

Now, it’s time to think of collecting nice app reviews and ratings from the rest of the world. Here are some tricks how to do it.

Give users a reason to give feedback

Then again, why should somebody rate your app? Don’t people have something more important to do? Give them a good reason to spend those five seconds and rate!

Many companies use gamification for this: for example, giving users something in return for a high rating. Obviously, this works better for game apps, and both Google Play and App Store disapprove of this practice, but if the reviews are very needed right now, why not?

To launch a “good rating gives a reward” campaign with no pain, first make sure you’ve scrutinized all the rules on contests and rewards App Store and Google Play have. Think of doing the rewarding part of the campaign on social media or offline.

Do not forget about people who are ready to give the app a good review: the social media followers and those who use the website. They form the brand community, and this means they are pretty into giving you some meaningful feedback. Just facilitate this for them: make a quick link, and enjoy the ratings growing. Provide them with a simple sharing button and a catchy hashtag, and get even more ratings 🦄

Next lesson:

Handle your app reviews & ratings professionally

  • Plug in customer support
  • Address every app store review