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  • Let your taxi business profit from zones feature

Let your taxi business profit from zones feature

There’s a new feature in My hub—setting precise operation zones. Before, you could only define the operational area of your on-demand or taxi company. From now on, you can maximize your profit from this tool. Let’s see how it works.

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Figuring out pick-up and drop-off frequencies for your company

Analyzing pick-up and drop-off trends allows you to make data-driven decisions and maximize customer satisfaction and business profitability of your ride-hailing service.

Pick-up and drop-off frequency depends on many factors, for instance, available transport options in an area, prices, and level of commercial activity. Use pick-up and drop-off data to adjust the operations of your taxi business to the market needs. Say, when people in a given city area order business-class vehicles only, no need to have dozens of regular service cars roam there. This is a great step towards more efficient taxi fleet management!

(Pro-tip: The heatmap is there for you to get a grip on this data. You can also download detailed Order reports— those have loads of valuable information on the types of orders per location.)

Setting zones for orders and service types

Meet red and yellow zones. Using them in My hub, you can enhance your taxi company’s experience with setting an operational area.

The standard operational area is a radius where all company’s service types are available for customers. Using the zones tool, you can define the borders of the working areas more precisely.

taxi zones ride-hailing app

So now you can add arbitrary zones and specify what transport options (service types) will be available there. This way, for example, you can make the city center the zone where only business-class vehicles can work—this comes in handy when the city center has emissions restrictions or when you want to maximize the company’s profit from trips to areas with high congestion.

Nudging people to order a particular service type (electric vehicles or higher class cars) from and to a particular area can significantly increase the average bill, and the tip amount drivers get. Another great way to use this tool: pick up passengers in governmentally regulated zones (such as when only specifically-trained and licensed drivers can work in an area).

To use this feature, first, draw a red zone on the map. You can edit zones later and add as many new ones as needed. When ready, specify the service types that will work in it.

taxi software zones
taxi software zones feature

Within the zones, you can preconfigure pick-up locations by simply setting a point on the map. If you use this feature, customers will only be able to order a car to that very pick-up point in the area. Especially in places where parking and waiting for the client is complicated (airports, busy streets, pedestrian areas), restricting pick-ups to just several locations comes in handy.

You can also set zones within the company’s operational area where none of the service types is available. This is a great feature when you want to limit orders from locations where driving is unsafe, for example. It’s also convenient for areas where customers tend to cancel too often. Restricting orders from such areas can positively affect your cancelation rates.

Overlapping zones

Where red zones overlap, service types available in both of these zones can be ordered at their intersection. Use this feature to play around with the rules and see what areas bring your company what type of orders.

Before you save the newly-created zones, check them out on the map first (click Preview), then save, and enjoy maximizing profits of your ride-hailing service!

taxi platform zones

Need more functionality for the zones tool? Contact your account manager and we will see if it’s possible to customize for your case.

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