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  • New release, new features: meet SUBSUN!

New release, new features: meet SUBSUN!

We’ve promised you exciting news in 2021, right? Lo and behold, here’s some! Our freshly baked release, SUBSUN, is here. 🎊

With this release, we make managing multiple ride-hailing companies really swift and secure for our business partners. How? Well, meet Franchise and Multi-country Brands!

Use this new feature to manage your Brand—all companies of your ride-hailing business. Some of our business partners manage more than one company panel, and they need to grow. This is made easy within your Onde solution.

Let’s see what practical things change with the new feature for brand management.

Easy managing your Brand

First of all, all the information about your Brand is now collected in one tab.

Set restrictions, provide legal information your clients will see in the apps, and store the links to the company's social media.

Each Brand can have several companies, and all information about them is gathered in one handy dashboard. Dispatch area, number of drivers and operators, current balance, status—everything you need to know. Company management becomes effortless when you can view all activities on one screen!

Organize Merchants for your Brand to work in several countries

Each Brand can now have one or more Merchants in the system. See Merchant as a financial center for your group of companies. It allows you to manage payment settings for all your companies in one place.

Each Merchant has one or more Company Panels. In very basic terms, this means you now can operate in several countries within one Brand more easily. Each Merchant can use multiple payment gateways, depending on what fits your company best.

New functionality, new roles

We introduce the Brand Manager role in the system. A brand manager is someone who supervises the whole of your ride-hailing business. Now this person can have one account with really simple navigation to manage the brand and all the company panels. They have full access to managing the brand, merchant accounts, payment gateways, and companies in the system. They can also change Brand settings such as company contacts, social media links, and terms and conditions links.

The rest just works great, as always!

In this release, we’ve improved company brand management—this is particularly important to our business pa

rtners who operate a multi-country brand or several franchise companies. If this is not about you, no worries! We’ll have exciting features for your company too, as soon as possible. 😎 The rest of the system works just as it did, like clockwork, and nothing changes in how you manage ongoing business processes in your Company Panel.

Enjoy SUBSUN, and have a great company brand management experience!

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