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  • The same BOOM release — more new features

The same BOOM release — more new features

More features of the new Onde BOOM release: powerful analytics to track your business even more properly, and some useful tricks!

The same BOOM release — more new features

Onde BOOM release We’ve been preparing a lot of features to start the new year with a powerful release — so here comes the BOOM. 

Improved order list navigation, new cancellation fee logic, new analytics opportunities, and even a new language — it’s time to check out all of them!

Analyze it!

Appsflyer integration

Appsflyer — is a marketing platform for measuring mobile app attribution, advertising, and understanding where their traffic is coming from.

Irreplaceable for companies, which want to know exactly how to market their services effectively and put effort into those marketing activities which will lead to maximum revenue.

My Hub

No card needed on launch

Before the BOOM release, you would have to insert a card to finish the registration. It could have been an issue. You do not always strive to insert your card if you’re not sure about the software. So — no pushing from our side. Because we are 100% sure in the awesomeness of our system and you will choose it anyway!

Third-party payments in Orders

To manage your payments, you should clearly understand how do your clients pay. That’s why in Onde BOOM release we added third-party payments to your analytics tab. Check out and enjoy it!

Driver ID is now enough for search

Want to find the driver but know only his ID? We’ve got you! Onde BOOM release will have a possibility to filter driver snot only by name, second name, but also by identification number.

To sum up…

The new Onde BOOM release is huge and loud and contains so many features, that we had to divide it into two parts. And what does it mean for your business?

Growing and becoming more effective — that’s the main purpose of our new release.

Enjoy and be safe on the roads!


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