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  • Time for new release — meet DEWBOW!

Time for new release — meet DEWBOW!

What time is it? It’s time to grow your business! The DEWBOW release is there to help you with it. 😏 Enjoy new features, more transparent payments and updates to make your company prosper!

Do you know what a dewbow is? Well done if you do! We had to look it up in a dictionary. 😹 It’s an optical effect, when fresh drops of morning dew reflect and disperse sunlight — beautiful, really. Just as beautiful as our new release!

We won’t linger any longer now. Scroll down and see the new features with your own eyes. (Yeah, you may hold the image of a dewbow for a sec for meditation purposes!)

Operator app

For those who work with the dispatch, an efficient way of sorting orders is essential. It ensures fast and efficient work of the operators — isn’t this what any decent taxi service needs?

So it’s time to introduce our new sorting principle in the “Preorders” checkbox!

When the checkbox is chosen, all preorders are being sorted by the pick-up time.

When the “Preorders” checkbox is not chosen, orders are sorted by the time of creation.

As a result, the Operator app works faster, the workflow is smoother, the preorders can be found faster — and everyone is happy! 🙌

My hub

Let’s agree, running a business is all about money. Nothing wrong with money!

Thanks to our flawless reports system you know exactly how much your company earns. But do you know exactly how much you spend on launching a particular service?

Now you do! 

Before, we’ve practiced another approach here, connecting payments to the subscription plans.

Difference between displaying and charging amount (old) 

Alexandra Potseluiko, front-end developer: “We want to be as transparent as possible. From now on, you will know the exact sum spent on launching a service by the date of payment.”

Difference between displaying and charging amount (new)


English is the language of the world. However, it’s always nice when all the parts of the system speak your language, right?

So, our recovery emails are now working in all languages.

null null

To sum up…

With DEWBOW release we’ve made payments more transparent — in the My hub, you can see the exact amount of money spent on launching a service by the date of payment.

New “Preorders” checkbox ensures better, more efficient work with the Operator app. When the checkbox is chosen, the preorders are sorted by the pick-up time. When not, by the time of creation. 

We also introduce localized recovery emails — handy! 😎

Anything else? We’ve fixed some things here and there so that your business is always running smooth. Enjoy!


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