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  • Come and count all colors of the new Onde MOONBOW release!😋

Come and count all colors of the new Onde MOONBOW release!😋

For some of us, the summer is coming to an end, for others, the most interesting has just started — and it was no reason for our developers to stop creating a whole set of new, cool possibilities! Meet Moonbow, new Onde release!

Operator app

 1. Traffic jams can be switched on & off

A new Operator app feature allows you to switch on/off the traffic. Sounds unbelievable, huh?

From now on, use the switch to show or not show traffic jams on the city map.

Show the traffic when the situation on the roads is difficult and manage every order accordingly, or hide it to choose the optimal route (of course taking into account traffic jams).

2. The orders navigation bar is now even more convenient

Starting with Moonbow, Onde Operator app offers 3 tabs to navigate through the orders:

  • My orders (created by one user),
  • Dispatcher Orders (created by any dispatcher of your company or brand),
  • Passenger Orders (created only by passengers).

All three tabs can be filtered by order parameters like phone number, driver’s name, or else.

If you choose Passenger Orders and filter them by displaying, you will see current orders and pre-orders.

When filter by “archived” you will see all the orders taken previously.

No more dozens of orders on one screen — filter them as you need, and navigate efficiently.

3. No more bad tracks

 MOONBOW release presents you better support for bad tracks. Network updates, fake GPS info prevention — you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

“Bad tracking is unacceptable in taxi platform. That’s why our tracking is the best. Literally, the best!” Alexey Vasilevich, Operator app developer

My hub

Menu items are now a bit different

To improve user experience and make company analytics more popular, we’ve separated reports into different menu items and made the order of their appearance more convenient.

New names for items:

  • "Total revenue"
  • "Payment methods"
  • "Orders statuses"
  • "Assigned vs missed"
  • "Median response"
  • "Response vs waiting"
  • "Booking sources"
  • "Referral coupons"

And there’s more! If you don’t have time to look through the analytics at the moment, export is as pdf to your computer and get back to it later. 😎

Phew, seems like we’ve gone through all the major features.

But there are also minor ones!

Minor features, a great step for many

  • Credimax payment gateway is added.
  • Tunisian dinar is now available as a currency.

To sum up…

As bright as all the colors of the MOONBOW, the new Onde release is going to make your work easier and faster. To spend a minute or two looking at the real Moonbow.

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