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How to use social media to promote your taxi business

Promoting your taxi business requires skill, knowledge, and creativity. And we’re here to help with all that! Check out some of our ideas about how to promote your business on social media, increase brand awareness, and attract more drivers and customers.

For anyone operating a taxi firm and willing to increase their marketing efforts, social media is the way to go. Social media marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics there is today. When competition is fierce and the budget is limited, social networking sites offer a great way for any business to get its name out there. Social media facilitates brand exposure, allows businesses to communicate effectively with their target audience, and offers numerous opportunities for various marketing campaigns.

social media to promote taxi business

All you have to do is build and execute an effective social media marketing strategy, and nothing will beat the power of having your brand name right there on the News Feed of your potential customer. Besides, when it comes to social media, people can access your business information right away in just a few clicks. Just having your brand on multiple social media platforms can increase your brand awareness and potentially convert to sales. But you can do so much more. Unlike with TV or paper ads, the possibilities are endless.

Here are just some ways you can (and should!) use social media to promote your taxi company:

1. Share Stories Regularly

The stories taxi drivers tell are fascinating, don’t you think? So many people love hearing them that there are movies and books that feature just the stories of various taxi drivers. This is because such stories come from daily experiences and include relatable situations. Social media is an excellent place to share such stories. You can post stories on an everyday basis using social story templates online. This will help you stick to the social media content plan and turn your social media activity into a seamless experience.

It’s also better if your company encourages drivers to share their exciting or funny stories. While there are many possible ways to do that, even simply promising to have the stories published online can be motivating enough. This simple act allows taxi drivers to feel acknowledged, heard, and appreciated. It can help them feel like they are a part of the company and humanize their experience.

Issuing a contest or a price can bring even more results. It will motivate drivers to share more and you’ll have more content to entertain your audience with. And don’t forget to promote the content you share! Promoting stories on social media will bring in more followers, likes, and retweets, thereby extending the reach of your business to a bigger audience.

For many social media networks, hashtags are a big thing. Hashtags help others view the stories and posts anytime they want to. One important thing to remember is to post stories anonymously. No matter how hilarious and exciting the content is, you don’t want to offend any of the customers, drivers, operators or anyone else involved.

2. Launch Referral Campaigns

If you’re starting a taxi business this year, you need to be familiar with referral campaigns. Referrals can skyrocket your taxi company's growth. Word-of-mouth strategies never fail to work, and they are even more effective through social media. The key is to design a solid and effective online referral campaign that includes discount coupons that users can send to their friends, lovers, strangers, and whoever else needs a new taxi app.

With an effective referral campaign, all parties win. You get new customers, your old customer gets a discount, and your new customer also gets a discount. In Onde, you can create such a campaign with a couple of clicks.

Don’t forget the part of social media in this endevaour! It's vital to advertise (or at least post about) the referral campaign on social media platforms. You can also collaborate with other companies so that others promote your referral campaign - in return for something you do for them.

3. Share Traffic Updates

Road traffic is vital for everyone involved. Use social media accounts to keep your followers informed about the traffic situation in the area where your taxi works. By doing so, you demonstrate that you care about your customers and help them avoid anything that might delay their journey. Of course, there are Google maps and others services that show traffic. But personal touch never fails to amaze.

taxi in social media virtual world

4. Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers can be a bit of a hard work, but they can also be worth it. Influencers can be anyone - local celebrities, bloggers, popular Instagram accounts. They can help build brand awareness and increase conversions by simply mentioning your brand.

Check out local influencers in your geographical reach and see who fits your vision of your company. Don’t count on a free mention! Most likely, you’ll have to offer benefits or actual payment for their work.

5. Advertise on Social Media

If you want to attract more customers or more drivers, you might need to use online ads. As expensive as it is, often, there is just no way around social media advertising because of how effective it is. Different social media platforms offer different advertising options, and the algorithm of every platform makes sure that your ads reach the desired target.

Social media advertising leads to increased website traffic, increased brand awareness, and lead generation. Whether you’re interested in bringing in more drivers or more customers, you can reach and convert them using social media advertising.

6. Participate In Local Events

Another thing you can do on your social media pages is let your followers know about the events in the area where your taxi company operates. Your audience will appreciate the information and might use your taxi to get to and from the event.

Besides, consider being a sponsor to the local events. This is certain to bring in new clients and increase brand awareness.


When you own a taxi business, you must adapt to the ever-changing technologies and innovations in your industry. Social media isn’t new; however, it requires constant creativity, updates, and experimentation. Hopefully, this guide gave you some new ideas and approaches to work with. The foundation of marketing is constant. But only through trying out new things and experimenting will you discover which tactics work best for your business.

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