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Ride-hailing apps for your business

Onde is an all-in-one solution for your ride-hailing or taxi company

Whether you launch a new business or want to get more out of your current one, you need a dedicated team and trustworthy partners. Onde can become your technology partner that offers the ultimate platform for success.

Onde is an all-in-one solution for your <span>ride-hailing</span> or <span>taxi company</span>
  • Stability


    Onde knows how to work with an extreme number of trips and stay stable. We deal now with up to 9,000,000 orders per month, and there’s no upper limit.

  • Security


    All your data about users, drivers and payments are safe as Onde is PCI DSS compliant. We don’t store any data on payment cards. We also work with 3DS checks to protect you from frauds.

  • Growth


    Onde experts are the ones that help you grow. With all the data from market leaders, we know how to make your business prosperous. We aim to be your partner, not only a software provider.

Do you want to see everything in detail?

Get a demo with our expert

Get a demo with our expert

What is the Onde platform?

  • Onde - Customer app

    Customer app

    a user friendly application to let your customer make an order in a few taps. Modern and simple design that was approved by users will be your competitive advantage.

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  • Onde - Driver app

    Driver app

    apart from a car, a main work tool for your driver that helps to make money. With this app your drivers are able to easily register in the system, receive orders, check balance and much more.

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  • Onde - Operator app

    Operator app

    in case your clients prefer ordering a taxi via phone, we have prepared the Operator app. With this tool your operators will be able to create orders and assign them manually within seconds.

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  • My hub

    My hub

    the brain of the platform that helps you effectively manage your business. Add drivers and operators, manage tariffs, control all the processes and make data‑driven decisions with reports and advanced analytics.

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Say «Hi!»
to the Wallet! Say «Hi!»
to the Wallet!

Say «Hi!» 

to the Wallet!

You have been waiting for it and it comes!

The Wallet feature – already in the Onde platform.

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New costumer app New costumer app

New customer app

Meet the new customer app, many years of experience

embodied in an easy and wieldy interface.

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Meet the Super App!

Launching a joint ride-hailing and food delivery service? See if Super App is right for your business.

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Meet Onde.Light Meet Onde.Light

Meet Onde.Light

Your free option of the ride-hailing solution. Seriously. Start your ride-hailing business and test your bravest ideas with Onde.Light!

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Service types for your business

Ride-hailing is not only about classic taxi cars, it can be about anything. Find the service type you need.

Service types for your business
Service types for your business
Service types for your business

Business support for our partners

We not only give you the tool, we give you our support, knowledge and experience to make your transportation business successful. Our comprehensive analytics provides essential information to run the company based on real data. Onde professionals support you at each stage of your journey as an entrepreneur.

How to get new customers for your ride-hailing company?
Our digital marketing services is the answer.

  • App Store Optimization

    App Store Optimization

    optimize your apps in the app stores in order to allow your customers to find them easily.

  • Acquisition campaigns

    Acquisition campaigns

    get new clients with campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, etc.

  • Consulting


    get advice from business experts with a broad ride-hailing background.

  • Retention


    make your current users engaged and loyal to your services.

Stories of success from our amazing partners

Ready to learn more?

Ready to learn more?