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Taxi in-app wallet: all you need to know

Let’s talk about a new exciting feature: taxi in-app wallet! Here’s how it can help your business grow and attract loyal corporate clients.

We need to talk about the customer wallet in taxi app feature. It’s almost there! While we’re still in the Wallet development process, working on making it as functional as it needs to be, here are some things you can already do with it.

in-app wallet for taxi app

What’s a taxi in-app wallet?

Sometimes, cash and cards don’t work well for your business. For instance, when your clients use a corporate or a family account balance or when you need to impose a fine on a customer for canceling too many orders. This is where a taxi in-app wallet comes in handy.

With customer wallet, you’ll be able to:

  • Handle large bills more efficiently;
  • Give your customers additional wallet balance top-ups (handy when a discount code isn’t an option);
  • Allow your customers to top up the Wallet by card and (soon) with other novel payment means;
  • Penalize repeated undesirable customer behavior.

For your customers, the taxi in-app wallet means an extra option added to the variety of payment methods. For your corporate clients, this is a big step forward. Besides, this feature helps you increase customer loyalty and reduce the number of cancellations by clients.

What’s there now?

in-app wallet for ride-hailing business

Personal wallet is ready to use. It’s the customer wallet associated with one user. They can use it to pay for the trips, and you can use it to impose fines (if needed).

How to enable Wallet?

Go to the Merchant Panel of My Hub, Wallet tab, and turn on the feature. After you do so, the customer wallet will become available for all companies belonging to this merchant.

Want your customers to be able to top up their wallets by card? Please, set up the payment gateway in the Merchant Panel first.

All done! Now your customers can pay using their Personal wallet! 💪

Now the wallet balance is used for all transactions.

1️⃣ Upon order, the trip price is debited from Wallet (if the passenger has enough funds in Wallet). No funds, no problem! A passenger can always top up their balance or choose a different payment method. Note: customers should specify at least one drop-off point to pay the order with Wallet Balance.

2️⃣ You can prevent users from ordering (in case of a negative wallet balance). This comes especially handy when a customer cancels extremely often.

3️⃣ Your customers can view the history of their transactions. They also have an opportunity to top up the wallet balance by card and with coupons. Coupons, thus, can be used for multiple trips.

4️⃣ Passengers can’t withdraw money from their wallet (only drivers can do this).

Does a client have a negative or zero Wallet balance? No problem, they’ll still be able to order a taxi paying by cash or card.

And there’s more!

Here are other exciting features of the Wallet:

  • Extracting cancellation fees from Wallet—securing your business even if a customer cancels a ride.
  • Top-up fees for wallet balance.
  • Top-ups by card and automatic payment methods.

Will there be even more? Sure thing!

  • Top-ups with mobile money, vouchers, or e-money (automatically or manually);
  • Sending money from one passenger wallet to another;
  • Wallet debt limits settings;
  • Split payments;
  • Automated top-up by card;
  • Low wallet balance notifications.

We’re also excited to announce the Shared wallet is on its way. A great fit for corporate clients, this feature allows multiple passengers to use a Shared wallet simultaneously for payments. Top-ups and history will only be available for the wallet owner. This way, employees can travel carefree, while the management gets a perfect overview of the costs.

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the upcoming releases! 😎

wallet gif

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