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No more calls! Meet InApp Chat

Communication between drivers and passengers just became easier: from now on, drivers and passengers can talk to each other without leaving the app. Find out more about the new InApp Chat feature from Onde.

Help your drivers and passengers find each other or solve any other communication issues they might have. How should you do that, you ask? Easy. With our fresh-from-the-oven InApp Chat feature.

in app chat for drivers and passengers ride-hailing app

Free your users from phone conversations

Calling can be stressful and challenging: it might be too loud for a distinct conversation, the users might not speak the language well enough, and they might have voice or hearing difficulties.

Even more often than that people just genuinely hate calling. I am sure you or someone you know can relate.

We at Onde get that, and we want to save our users from any kind of annoyances. This is why we created InApp chat - a simple built-in chat that makes communication much easier for both the drivers and the passengers.

Let your users keep their private information to themselves

Up to this point, when the driver or the passenger called one another or sent an SMS, the recipient could see the caller’s phone number. This upset many users, as the question of privacy and confidentiality of personal information is crucial to many. From now on, the problem is gone: thanks to InApp Chat, drivers and passengers can contact each other without having to share their personal information.

That’s it for today, however, bare with us! More news and updates are coming soon.

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