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Launch transport business in Angola — become market leader with Onde

Launch transport business in Angola — become market leader with Onde

It’s the right time to launch your own transportation company with an app like Uber. Ride-hailing is a quickly developing branch of the transport business, promising steady growth, especially in developing countries.

Launch your app like Uber with Onde. 200+ entrepreneurs all over the globe trust us to power their services. Want to see our state-of-art tech solution with your own eyes?

How to start a taxi business quickly and safely?

Starting a transport business from scratch is always challenging. Finding a team to develop Uber-like software is probably the biggest difficulty startups meet on their way to changing local transportation.

That’s why choosing a white-label software solution is the best choice for entrepreneurs willing to start a transport business or to automate their taxi company. A white-label solution is fully branded, and it has all the features an app like Uber needs to become a local market leader.

Also, white-label software is quick to launch. You can start operating within weeks.


Apps like Uber tailored to your business needs

Apps like Uber give their customers the ease of on-demand. Clients get an easy and safe way to book a taxi (or any other service, as on-demand is never limited to ride-hailing) via a smartphone.

Because handy, lovable booking applications are a beating heart of your transport business, at Onde we make sure you get the apps exactly the way you need them. We build and test Customer & Driver for Android and iOS, add the colors of your brand, and do basic app store optimization. When you’re ready to launch, we submit the app to the stores. And yes, we release app updates regularly so that your customers can enjoy new features.

What are the essential features for apps like Uber?

There are some features that are a must to make your app like Uber a leader in the local transport business.


Multiple payment options available

With Onde apps, you decide how the customers will pay for a ride. The general rule is the more payment options you have, the more customers you can satisfy. It’s a common practice to allow people to pay for a ride by card, cash, or terminal in the car. To make cashless payments possible and safe all over the world, we’ve integrated reliable payment gateways such as PayU and Stripe.

However, many companies prefer to work cashless — because cashless payments drop right to the company's bank account and create an impressive turnover to show to investors and business partners. With Onde, you decide what kinds of payments fit your business goals the best.


Excellent geolocation services

The main difference between Uber-like software and traditional taxis is that on-demand apps allow passengers and drivers to profit from optimized routes. No more riding rounds searching for an address. Onde’s intelligent geolocation services always know where the customer is and guides the driver to the destination. This is extremely important when drivers are not very familiar with the location, and gives a passenger an extra safe feeling. Onde geolocation works perfectly for any Android and iOS device, even when the internet connection leaves much to be desired.

white label apps for ios and android

40+ service types to diversify and grow your transport business

Apps like Uber get more customers not by getting to new cities. Surprisingly enough, they prefer introducing new services instead. The idea is that people could do more and more things using just one app — the expansion strategy of Uber, Gojek and Gett is built on service diversification.

You can adapt this strategy once you launch your own app like Uber, too. Onde software makes launching new service types extremely easy. Choose from 40+ service types available, from delivery to babysitting, or request a custom service type. Profit!


Safety valued above all

Every entrepreneur who's ever thought of how to start a taxi business has probably also thought of how they would guarantee their passengers’ and drivers’ safety. At Onde, we do all we can to help you solve this puzzle. The drivers' registration process requires them to upload all the necessary documents so your company can review them. There are driver and passenger ratings in the app helping to protect both your clients and employees. Both Driver and Customer apps feature an SOS-button — just in case.

Uber-like software to manage your transport business

Functional apps are not enough to start a successful taxi business. Behind the glory of apps like Uber, there’s powerful management software helping to streamline business processes and make them agile.

Onde solution features 3 high-efficiency management panels. You can use them from any Android, iOS or desktop device to enhance your transport business performance.


My hub: business operations made swift

The Onde My hub is made to facilitate and automate all the business operations of your transportation company.

  • Easily manage drivers’ and operators’ registration and access rights
  • Set working schedules (driver plans) and billing rules. Enjoy automated fees collection
  • Launch new service types to grow your business
  • Track business performance with detailed analytics and reports, make data-driven decisions
  • Launch referral campaigns to get new customers.

Operator app: give every order attention it needs

How to start a taxi business with Uber-like software and still profit from traditional phone orders? Work with the Onde Operator app! It is designed to automate the processing of orders coming in via other channels than the booking apps.

Featuring handy search and sorting options, precise geolocation and a possibility to follow drivers in real-time, the Operator app will make the work of your operators easy and productive. Perfect fit for both daring startups and existing taxi companies willing to automate their business.


Partner access: power to business collaborations

Business partnerships are vital to apps like Uber. Working together with local hospitality businesses, commercial and business hotspots can help you grow the number of orders and the client base. Because other businesses often need a reliable transportation provider, it’s a win-win situation.

Onde partner access to the Operator app makes your collaborations with other companies easy and profitable for both sides. You set the access rules in the My hub — there are different types of access. When done, your business partner will be able to book or pre-book your services for their locations in just a couple of seconds. They get secure transportation, and you enjoy the rising number of orders.

We want you to become a market leader!

At Onde, we invest in nourishing sustainable relationships with our customers. Putting our rich expertise in taxi, on-demand, and ride-hailing to your service is a part of this process. Here are some of the additional services and benefits we offer along with developing cutting-edge Uber-like software.


Unique entrepreneurial community

We power more than 200 clients in 60+ countries. Be a part of this inspiring community of people shaping the future of the mobility industry. Meet like-minded people, learn from rich experience, launch joint projects. Get inspired by our unique events for ride-hailing entrepreneurs.

Top ride-hailing mobile app

Marketing & app store optimization

Good brand positioning and a long-term marketing strategy are a must to get to the market top. Profit from our expertise in marketing and branding — and reach out to your potential clients and employees.

We do basic app store optimization (ASO) for all our clients before submitting their apps to the stores — because being visible in the stores is a highway to success. For those who want to be #1 on app stores, we offer additional ASO services to boost the app ranking and conversions.

spreading information

24/7 support

We tell our clients every piece of relevant information in our knowledge base and an informative blog. For cases when this is not enough, you can always contact our tech support team — they are there to help 24/7.

Need to discuss a business-related question? Your account manager is there to give you answers.

Launch your apps like Uber in Angola now

Whether you’re willing to disrupt the transportation market in Angola with your brilliant on-demand startup or just willing to automate processes in your established taxi company, the time is now. Join the unique community of entrepreneurs and shape the future. Join Onde.