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Payment gateway features

Building an app-based taxi business without accepting credit card payments is quite the same as trying to ride a Tesla car without a battery. A reliable payment gateway solution is crucial for an app-based business. It allows making the money flow smooth and bullet-proof.


Because the future is cashless. The US, where in 2013 85% of all transactions were made in cash, is 50% cashfree in 2017. Sweden is almost cashless by now. Even in the most cash-loving countries, people use Apple Pay and sortalike services more and more.

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An integrated credit card payment gateway makes processing cashfree payments possible for your taxi business.

Payment gateways come in all sizes and shapes. Just like flowers. This is why we appreciate all of them, but only work with the very best ones. We’ve chosen the most reliable systems. Here are some advantages of the payment gateways Onde has integrated:

  • The costs of the trips are calculated automatically, based on the rates you set.
  • High level of transactions security.
  • Money is transferred right to the company bank account.
  • The whole driver management can be automated (they won’t need to come to the office as all fees are charged automatically).
  • No manual calculations of driver payouts anymore.
  • Being in the forefront of the young, cash-free world.

The Onde platform supports several payment gateways so that your business can function well literally everywhere where people use credit and debit cards.

Why payment gateways so secure?

First of all, because we’ve only chosen for really trusted payment systems to collaborate with.

Another important point is that money for your services is transferred right to your company account, with no mediators in between.

Next to that, payment gateways enabled by Onde allow preauthorization. What’s that? That’s a universal anti-fraud method for credit card payments. If pre-auth is on, when a passenger is ordering the service, there is a hold put on the total amount of the trip price on their bank account. This means the passenger is not able to spend this money another way than paying for the trip. Nor can a driver put this money in own pocket.

What payment gateways are there?

Here’s the list of active payment gateways Onde integrated into the platform.
- Stripe — credit card processor, perfectly fitting small businesses. Active in 40 countries. Has all the customization options one can desire.
- Checkout — payment gateway available for businesses in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East & North Africa. We’ve integrated this end-to-end payment technology into Onde platform to allow our clients maximizing their revenue due to higher acceptance rates of Checkout.
- First Atlantic Commerce - a payment gateway that enables merchants to accept and process credit and debit card payments online in Central America & Caribbean Region.
- Bepaid - the official e-payment provider for Eastern Europe
Plus, we are refreshing existing Flocash, PayU LatAm, Mercado Pago & Hyperpay integrations to make them work perfectly in new countries and regions, such as LatAm, Africa and middle East.
All in all, these taxi payment systems make possible that Onde clients can process cashless payments in most of the countries.

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Yet there’s more to it! Not only we integrate third-party solutions, we also customize them. Smart customization makes sure that payment systems work fast and easy for both passengers and drivers to make money transfers. No need to fill in extra security tabs! No more overloaded interface!

One more important piece of information:

  • Zero setup costs.
  • Zero maintenance fee.

As you see, at Onde we can find ideal cash-free taxi payment solutions for any business, in any country. Because we love taxi, and we love paying without cash😊

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Let’s work together for the better, safer cashless world!

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