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Airport transfers

Ever thought of how to make your taxi transfer services really handy? Onde system has an ideal solution that allows you collaborating with the third parties. Check it out!

Some time ago we’ve noticed many of our clients team up with other local businesses. Some of them provide airport transfer services. Others collaborate with hotels or restaurants.

This is an excellent move. Working together with an airport or hotel helps maximizing the revenue and raising the popularity of your company. Because we wanted to make these business connections really effortless for our clients, we’ve adapted our system to your company needs.

Let’s have a look at why the Onde system is extremely convenient for companies providing airport taxi services😇👇

Let other business book your taxi in one click

The “Partner dispatcher” (aka “remote dispatcher”) function is integrated into our product. What does it mean and why does that matter?

In your My Hub, you can assign partner access to the third party operators (which is to say: to the airport staff, for example). Operators with partner access can create, view and change orders for service types, available to them personally. Partner dispatcher access is an ideal solution for your business partners: airports, hotels, restaurants, clubs and any other businesses willing to book your services for their visitors, clients, employees.

In case third parties work as partner dispatchers, you do not charge the passenger directly, but the company arranging the trip. In your monthly reports, this money is marked as “third party payment”.

In our 0.19 release, we’ve added a separate display of regular and per-hour tariffs for partner operators. Now your pricing is really transparent for your partners.

Charge precisely

Speaking of tariffs... There’s one more useful feature called “Fixed rates between zones”.

You can charge passengers set prices for trips from and to particular locations. It works as follows: it does not matter from which point of a certain zone your passenger is traveling, they pay a fixed price for a ride from A (say, an airport you work with) to B (say, a hotel).

This makes pricing even simpler for you and your business partners!

(Note: we need to configure this feature for your account personally. There is a fee applying for the configuration.)

Make your clients happy: let them plan!

Within our system, preorders are possible along with instant orders. This means passengers can book an airport taxi service in advance and be sure the cab will come on time. Function, loved by people who value their time and prefer to plan things beforehand.

enter image description here

For your dispatchers with a limited access, it is possible to mark their place as “favorite” in the system as it’s shown in the picture below.

enter image description here

Now, the whole process of taxi calling is much quicker for your business partners. Thus, the the number of your orders is only growing!

We’ve also thought of permanent addresses and custom POI names for the passengers. They’re gonna love it! In the passenger app powered by Onde, people can save their point of interest (say, an airport where they go often, or a hotel where they stay regularly) under the name they like (“Favorite address” function). No need to look for it again and again🙌

Taxi Butler: one button fits all

Ever heard of the Taxi Butler?

The technology looks simple: it is just one button that allows operators to book your airport transfer services. The Taxi Butler is able to bring you up to 2500 orders in a month time! No internet connection needed, no complicated installation procedures. The Taxi Butler button is simply plugged — and then it’s a question of pressing the button to call the cab!

enter image description here

How comes using The Taxi Butler is so easy? Well, it is connected to the operator app of your company so that the orders can be processed within seconds. You can connect two service types to one button (say, regular cab and limo). The partner operator will be able to choose what service they’d like to book.

enter image description here

A certain service type can also be connected to a certain location. Imagine, all the passengers using your airport taxi service prefer limo to a cab. With the Taxi Butler, you can attach a service type to the airport location. Ready: all cars called to the airport will be limos only!

Onde has integrated the Taxi Butler for all dispatching systems: it works worldwide, with all GSM standards.

Make your money flow secure

Today, people do not rely on cash money that much. Сredit cards, Apple Pay, and a plenty of other solutions alike are there on the market. Paying with cards is especially convenient for travelers and business people, as it spares them a lot of time and energy.

We’ve thought of how important it is to provide our clients with a bullet-proof credit card payments for transfer services. We’ve chosen several trusted and reliable payment gateways to enable you accepting credit cards from the passengers. We have following options:

  • Braintree;
  • Stripe;
  • PayU;
  • HyperPay;
  • Mercado Pago;
  • Checkout.

As you see, we’ve got you all covered: secure credit card payment solutions for all businesses, all over the world.

enter image description here

Desktop and mobile: accessible for all

The finishing touch to make the Onde system really, really ideal for all companies providing airport transfer services: your business partners are able to access dispatch from the desktop as well as from all kinds of mobile devices.

Really, we’ve done our best to make airport transfer services a piece of cake to you. A piece of cake bringing money. Check it out!

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