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Deliver perfect taxi booking app to Indonesian market

Deliver perfect taxi booking app to Indonesian market

Traffic is a serious issue for the mobility industry in Indonesia. Gridlock and lack of reliable public transport is a gigantic problem in densely-populated cities like Jakarta. For many people in the country, using a ride-hailing app is the ultimate solution. 87% of Indonesians are reported to gladly use various on-demand transportation services.

The market for on-demand transportation is growing rapidly, and the right time to join it is now.

Create your own taxi app and launch in weeks

Uber clone app development is a complicated process if you have to do it from scratch. Finding a team of developers, explaining the features the app needs, getting something completely different at the end of the development cycle…

At Onde, we know exactly what features make a successful taxi booking app.


Full-cycle Uber clone app development

Creating your own taxi app for the Indonesian market is easier when you choose a white-label software solution. The Onde team will build and test all the software (4 mobile booking apps and dispatch tech). We submit apps to the stores, make sure the apps get new releases regularly and add new features based on customer research.

What’s white-label? It means completely branded for your company. The apps will comply with your company’s style. Forget Uber clone app development issues and just concentrate on your business development.

Essential features for Uber clone app

Meeting the high expectations of potential users is the key to a ride-hailing business's success. Onde delivers high-performance taxi booking apps for drivers and customers for both iOS and Android. This way the apps function perfectly on any type of device.

An Uber clone app needs to have a set of features to keep clients and drivers happy. Here are some most vital ones you find in Onde-powered apps.


Easy & safe onboarding process

Because people use ride-hailing apps for quick and reliable transportation, we made sure Uber clone apps made by Onde meet this requirement. The onboarding process for passengers and drivers is really quick and easy. Additionally, all the driver’s documents are submitted to your company for safety and/or background check. No space for fraud whatsoever!


Full control of payment options

Letting your taxi booking app users pay the way they wish (by card, cash, terminal, or mobile) makes your customer base broader. Onde integration with trustworthy payment gateways such as Checkout enables safe cashless payments via the apps in any country.

Not excited to process cash payments? Simply disable this option and get all the trip payments directly to the company’s bank account.

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Referral programs to attract users

Getting new people to use the app is often challenging for startup transportation businesses. Onde knows how to address this problem. We’ve inbuilt easy-to-launch referral programs in our software. So your existing clients can recommend you to friends and family — and get a discount for each successful recommendation. They get discounts, you get new users at a very low price.

Referral programs are also perfect for advertising with influencers — check this out if you want to know more.


Variety of service types to grow your business

The example of Gojek shows us that probably the best way to let a taxi booking app company grow is to expand the number of services you provide. Ride-sharing services are especially popular in Indonesia, so think of bike-sharing, on-demand household help, and of course delivery.

The Onde taxi booking app software allows you to launch new service types in just a couple of clicks. There’s a choice of more than ready-to-launch 40 service types, and you can always request a unique one.

That does the system offer?


Functional dispatch for startup transportation business

The Onde taxi dispatch system is a perfect fit for a ride-hailing business of any size. We offer three highly-functional admin panels to satisfy the automation needs of transportation startups and established taxi businesses.


My hub for Uber clone applications

Based on thorough research of the needs of our 200+ clients working in the mobility industry, we’ve developed a functional My hub. Use it to streamline all the basic taxi management processes.

  • Easy and efficient administration of drivers’ and operators’ access
  • Automated driver billing and top-ups
  • Detailed inbuilt business analytics and reports
  • Referral programs for easy customer acquisition
taxi software

Partner access to taxi booking app

Starting up a transportation business you’re probably thinking of how to expand your market share. Business partnerships are an ideal way to do this. Work together with local hotels, city hotspots, airports, and hubs. Get a whole load of new orders and potential clients.

The Partner access to booking your services allows your business partners to book a cab in just seconds. Custom names for their locations and permanent addresses, the possibility to schedule pre-orders make bookings really easy for your business partners. And only you decide how far collaboration access rights may reach.

More than Uber clone apps, more than system reliability


Taxi booking app ready for huge workloads

Onde software powering taxi booking apps is a great ecosystem. We only use the most powerful technical solutions to guarantee your business is ready for the biggest workloads you can imagine. No bit of information will ever be lost.


24/7 support & personal account manager

24/7 our technical support is there to answer any questions you may have. A personal account manager is always available for discussing any matters related to business development. Our webinars and a very helpful Facebook-bot are available to tell you in detail about every, however tiny feature of Onde software.

Top ride-hailing mobile app

 Branding, marketing, and ASO services

Willing to create your own taxi app, but not sure what your taxi booking app brand should represent? Or don’t know how to position it in the market to become a local leader? Make use of our branding and marketing additional services. A team of experienced professionals will help you with anything marketing, from launching digital ads to designing the app’s visuals.

Basic app store optimization (ASO) is included in all Uber clone app development plans at Onde — because we know it’s crucial to be visible in stores. Aiming to become the #1 in the app store listings? Request app store optimization finetune. We’ve got our clients to the search top often enough to be proud. Check it out!

Startup on-demand transportation business in Indonesia now

The transportation network of Indonesia needs daring entrepreneurs right now. So much to do, such a big market to conquer! Grab your Onde taxi booking software and go change things for the best.