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Social media influencers for ride-hailing business

Social media networks spread brings a number of people who share their opinion with millions of followers. Did you know that they are one of the best tools for promotion?


Social media influencers is the channel you can’t ignore when it comes to brand awareness. This powerful tool is used by many brands: from small to large companies all over the globe. For example, Instagram has over 1 billion of active users, and the number of advertisers has reached 2+ million according to Instagram statistics. At the same time, Instagram has 58% more emngagement per one follower than Facebook. 🙀

Can you imagine these numbers? The significant growth is caused by credibility of Instagram influencers and bloggers. People trust influencers, that means they’re more open to use products and services promoted by their favourite bloggers. 

So, how can you use this amazing source to boost your business and get more clients? How much money should you spend on this type of marketing activities? How to choose the right influencers?

That’s the questions we want to answer in this article.


What’s your target?

Before looking for influencers and starting a campaign think about who is your target audience and where it’s located. It’s easy for ride-hailing: here you know that your clients are all located in one, very specific geographic area. So, you need to take a look at your local influencers, or if you have a lot of tourists in your area — to bloggers who travel to your country or city.

What’s your positioning?

You need to find influencers who have the right audience for your company. As for mobility business, try to look at people and brands that are connected to local hotels and resorts, airports, restaurants, convention centers, bars, entertainment facilities 👯. People visiting (and following) these places are more likely to use an uber like app. 

Moreover, you can try to find some bloggers within local online and offline news media sources, especially those who work with the travel and entertainment industry.

One more thing, take into account influencers’ potential reach: 10k-100k followers could be more than enough, the advertising is cheaper and the combination of reach and engagement is the best. 📊

social media influencers

Do they like you?

Do influencers you chose like your company and what you offer? Have they tried it? Do you they use it sometimes?

It’s better to work with those who know your company well and like what you do. If influencers you chose haven’t tried your services yet, offer them free rides so they can get real experience with your app and drivers.

Also, always keep in mind who your clients are. Let’s say your audience is young and creative people. So, just go and find young and creative bloggers with the same audience! If your audience is mothers with kids then you should concentrate your search on… Yes, popular accounts of mothers with kids. 👩‍👧‍👦

If the influencers like your business and represent your potential clients it will be easier for them to create honest and trustworthy content for their followers.


What’s the budget? 💸

Well, there’re no clear numbers on how much you should pay to a certain influencer. Their prices are very different, and sometimes it’s not quite obvious why they ask for this particular amount of money. Sometimes it’s not even the question of money, especially when it comes to micro-influences, not the top bloggers. You can offer them free services for a period of time, invitation for a special event, a kind of a partnership.

There’s only one thing you should always remember: Don’t forget to provide enough value for the good content.

P.S. If the content is bad there’s no sense to collaborate with the influencer at all. 🙅‍♀️

influencers contests

Contests? Contests!

One of the best solutions can be running a contest or giveaway. Leave the control and mediation to the blogger, but you provide your product or service as a reward for winners. For example, you can offer free city rides, a few rides to the airport or any other special place, good discounted rates, etc. It’s the easiest and, probably, the most beneficial for all parts strategy. A lot of people will be involved, so they can become your clients, the influencer can get new followers and one or a few people can get their rewards. 🤑

What’s for?

Before starting any collaboration with social media influencers, decide which goals you want to achieve. Do you need more followers? More traffic for the website? More potential clients? Choose the most important outcome and prepare the most desirable KPIs. In this case all your actions and results will be clear both for you and your partners.

The more people talk about your company the better it is. Nowadays, cooperation with social media influencers can do a good job for your business and help you achieve more. After learning all this tips and tricks you can start preparing the campaign and get first results! Use the power of influencers to make your company bring more clients.

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