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Lesson 4.

And even more services

Medical transportation, paratransit, yachts, helicopters, bikes, and much more.

Medical transportation and paratransit

The Ambulance service type that may seem extremely hard to launch. But it’s not! If local regulations allow this, an on-demand ambulance vehicle is even very welcome on the road. Just don’t hesitate to collaborate with certified organizations and professionals.

Paratransit is a service type you can consider to provide to clients who need to fit health equipment into a cab — think of wheelchairs or mobility scooters, for instance. It’s great if all your services are accessible for people with mobility impairments — if this is not possible, the Paratransit service type can be a good option.

By air and by sea

Using the Onde software, you can let your clients hail much more than just a cab. Think of a yacht. A helicopter. A speed boat. All these options are perfect for leisure, events, conferences, and festivities.

Bikes, motors, and anything else

The Onde system features several service types that we call jam-killers. Especially in densely populated cities, bikes, motos, and pedicabs are a good alternative to being stuck in the traffic forever with a traditional taxi.

However, more things are possible with bikes and motorcycles. Think of bike parcel delivery. Or electric bike rental. Or a tuk-tuk taxi. One example here: Pedal Me, our client in London, operates a bike-based taxi service. Not only do they get plenty of regular orders, but they also do weddings and other special occasions.

The great thing about bikes and motorcycles is the low threshold for employees to join: to ride a bike, no license is needed, a moto license is easier to get, and the vehicles are cheaper than cars. If you want to start scaling your business in small steps that don't require too much investment, service types in the Wheels section are a good match.

Professionals on-demand

Successful on-demand companies work with really high-urgency services that do not require too much proficiency from the contractor. Like instant mobility (Uber, Lyft) or goods delivery (Deliveroo, Postmates). The more proficiency is needed to perform the task, the more complicated the logistics get, even when you use an app as a platform for it.

If you’ve got a brilliant idea of how to make “an Uber” for tasks like plumbing, nursing, pet-sitting, or even lawyering, make sure your booking platform can handle the logistics.

That’s why the Onde system features several service types for professionals on-demand.