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Lesson 1.

Google Ads for iOS

Google Ads for iOS, sounds unusual, huh? It’s always great to try something new — and this new channel is really worth trying!

Start your ads campaign

Mobile app promotion is the only way to get downloads. And there are more and more apps every day appearing in the App Store. So it’s unstoppable work for finding new ways of promotion. Here comes Google Ads for iOS! 

To start app promotion campaign, just pick it in your Google Account.

Google Ads is all about keywords. And using the right keywords can help you reach only the most interested people, who are more likely to become your customers. Using keywords can increase your sales and lower your costs.

You can start with your intention.

If your company is interested in airport transfer — the idea is on the surface — try to use “how to get to the airport” keywords to show your app to those who need your services, but don’t know about your app.

If you can provide city transportation services — put your attention on such keywords as “top taxi apps”, “best taxi app in Nigeria”, or “good taxi apps”. If you can offer a good deal — try to use “cheap taxi app”.

And remember — ads settings are important, but nothing is more important than a relevant, catching message. Make sure that pictures and texts are flawless. 

Or leave it to Onde professionals and just relax:)

Next lesson:

Facebook targeting

  • Set up Facebook targeting