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Lesson 1.

Facebook Custom Audience

Custom Audiences are the target group of Facebook users this social network can create from your existing customers. This means, with Custom Audiences you can target particular Facebook ads at a certain group of your app users — this works both for Facebook and Instagram.

You can upload, copy, paste, import your customer lists (for example the one you’ve downloaded in the Company Reports or the one you use for email marketing) to Facebook Ads. The social media platform will find these people on Facebook — and voilà! You can target them with specific offers via Facebook Ads. For example, provide a group of outgoing young people a special night-time discount in exchange for referring your app to their friends — they’re going to love it!

But that’s not all. There are several types of Custom Audiences on Facebook ads besides ones made of your customers list:

  • Custom Audiences made of your website visitors (using Facebook pixel)
  • Custom Audiences made from your apps’ users (using Facebook SDK integration for your app)
  • Custom Audiences made of people who’ve interacted with your brand’s content in any way already.

And this is where it becomes really mind-blowing. In fact, with a bit of tuning from your side, Facebook can create lists of people on this social media who are aware of your app and are potentially interested to use it on a regular basis.

First of all, this means with Custom Audiences you’ll be freed from “spray-and-pray” efforts. The Facebook Ads made for your app will simply not be shown to the people who have no interest in your services whatsoever. Custom Audiences make it really easy to target your deals and offers at someone who’s likely to make use of it. It’s about budget optimization in the first place, because on Facebook you pay for the number of times your ad is being shown.

Here you can find the Facebook’s native guide to setting Custom Audiences. It’s really a piece of cake.

After you’ve created a Custom Audience, apply it!

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