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Lesson 3.

Passengers benefits from paying with credit cards

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It’s late at night, you take a cab. At arrival point, your cab driver names some messed number: like, $15,67. See yourself looking for this exactly amount of money in your wallet? See the driver desperately digging in the pockets for change? And that’s only in case you really do walk around with pockets full of cash!

Today, customers like completing transactions quickly and easily. No ATMs involved, no checks writing. Anywhere in the world, at any time.

Passengers benefits

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Since people know that money cost time, they love tracking their spendings. If paying with cards, it’s really easy to track how much money one spends, and where. It saves paper and keeps the accountants happy, too.

The thumb rule of evolving with the times is using the technology it provides you. Working with credit cards is one of those technologies. Because it allows you to attract new customers, keep your drivers happier, and become a bigger business. Think it over.