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Taxi payment solution: paying with credit cards

Having a credit card gateway is a must for a modern business. Why is it important for a taxi company to accept credit cards? We’ve got 10 reasons.

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Increase revenues with credit card payments

What year is it today, actually? 2018. For the most business this means moving to cashfree world. There are pluses, there are minuses of the cashless economy, yes. But one thing is sure: most of us use credit and debit cards on a daily basis. Especially when we travel and prefer to take our money with us in the most theft-proof form.

In USA, about 70% of all point-of-sales transactions are made with credit, debit or gift cards. To avoid being kicked out from the market, most companies work with integrated credit card payment gateways, even if it costs some money.

The thing is, in the long-run, businesses win more if they are ready to pay for credit card gateways. And technology is something we have to facilitate this revenue growth. Paypal, Square, WePay — you name it. They are all pretty affordable. But why paying this price? Well, let’s have a look.

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