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Lesson 1.

Taxi company benefits from accepting credit cards

Letting your taxi passengers pay with credit cards means gaining a complete overview of all the transactions.

Company benefits

The clients “pay” your bank instead of “paying” your drivers. You constantly have an eye on it, since the passengers and drivers are not able to cheat anymore. The driver payouts can be made from the bank account — no manual hustle anymore.

Next to this, using a credit card payment gateways you get 100% of your revenue on the bank account. You pay your drivers, say, 90% of that money. But still, the official income of your company is that initial 100% revenue! This means, for the investors, banks and anyone else willing to estimate your business it is 10 times bigger.

People trust banks and credit card brands they are using. Not that crazy, given that credit card payments make life so much easier.

When you give people the possibility to pay with their beloved credit cards, a part of their trust in the brand automatically pass on to your company.

It is really that simple: people are more likely to use your service, when you provide them with a credit card payment gateway. And at OnDe, we’ve got payment gateways for any business, all over the world. True story.

Various studies show: when businesses give people more payment options, people pay more. Because in this era we love choosing what suits us personally, at every given moment of time.

Again, more payment methods = more clients with different income level, lifestyle and beliefs. Show them your business suits them all!

Credit card transactions are processed automatically (read: quickly). No more manual billing, no more waiting to collect money from your drivers, and substantially less messy cash to handle.

Within the OnDe system, machines generate receipts and reports. They create a history report of all company transactions. All that time-consuming calculations and reporting are no longer needed.

Uber has done it already. Their whole business model was built on providing passengers with a handy manner of paying. Clever move, however doubtful Uber is.

There are two options. Your company can take a beautiful chance to stand out from the mass (if others do not accept credit cards yet). If they do, then it’s simply a must, otherwise, your company will be forced out of the competition.

Credit card processing rates are, in fact, very low. None of them exceeds 5% of the transaction.

The revenue you attract by allowing clients to pay with credit cards is a way bigger than the costs one pays. Also, all the tips drivers will get from credit cards transactions are accumulated on the company bank account.

At OnDe, we don’t charge any extra fees for using integrated credit payment gateways. Learn more about the exact rates of payment gateways accessible for your country!

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