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  • How to create driver network with zero marketing budget – Exnet success story

How to create driver network with zero marketing budget – Exnet success story

Learn from our customer, Exnet, about how they built an effective driver network with Onde platform resulting in 7,600 organic app installs within 6 months.

About the company

Exnet Taxi provides the linkage between the passengers looking for a taxi and the taxi drivers who are providing the service.

– Size - 505 drivers

– Active application users - 7,600

– Founding date - June 2016


Nowadays, Exnet Taxi matches passengers with the drivers providing a convenient, affordable and safe taxi service. But back in 2015, there were no ride-sharing applications in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Passengers felt insecure with having to go for a random driver. The drivers suffered the lack of passengers for the above reason. Moreover, clients, especially foreigners, were scared of cheating. This gave the impetus for the creation of Exnet, free taxi app for passengers in Cambodia, who requested rides through their smartphones.


Daluch, the owner of Exnet Taxi, begun looking for a taxi platform. He decided that creating his own platform might be difficult and they could spend a lot of effort, time, and resources. He wanted a company to build a partnership with, that would help him on the tech side and they would do the rest. His choice fell on Onde cloud platform.

Exnet’s customers can request a ride and choose from three differently priced types of vehicles – classic, business or van – each with its own specifications and rates. Drivers – who are required to possess a driver’s licence and provide proof of rental or ownership of the car they will use – receive training on how to use the app, as well as the company’s rates and policies.

"We trust Onde. It’s fast and professional. The innovation is not in the Onde software itself, but in the intention to change the end user’s mentality and to incorporate new technologies in the daily habits.’ – Daluch, founder at Exnet." _ To address safety concerns each driver must register for the app with his full name, driver’s licence and national identification document, which are recorded in Exnet’s system. Additionally, there is always a 24-hour hotline to receive complaints.

It immediately became clear that the driver application is changing the way the drivers work, giving them the advantage to define their schedule while improving their income.


The white label application was created to resolve this issue and, with help from Onde team, Exnet is now Cambodia’s first taxi hailing app, resulting in 300 daily orders that keep on increasing and fewer complaints coming from the clients.

Five hundred taxi drivers are the backbone of the new service and 7,600 active passengers, locals and foreigners, use the application daily to their movements across the country, where the booking app is accessible.

The company is revolutionising the way the transportation businesses is usually run. Using white label driver and passengers apps by Onde, Exnet Taxi is gaining clients through the mobile apps only, omitting a call centre and, thus, saving money on employing operators.

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