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Lesson 2.

Types of clients to refer your services

All the existing clients of your company belong to three categories and here we'll explain how to reach all of them.

Types of clients

All the existing clients of your company belong to one of the following categories:

  • Ambassadors. Those are people who used a referral code and will the most probably pass it through.

  • Plain referrers. Those are people who’ve maybe shared the referral code but did not take a trip with a code themselves yet.

  • Neutral clients. Those are clients who’ve never shared a referral code, and also did not take a trip with a code.

There are, accordingly, three promotional goals for a referral campaign:

  • Support the ambassadors in their initiative. Communicate how important they are for the company. Let them feel exceptional and appreciated. It’s also a good idea to provide them with especially good deals.

  • Motivate the plain clients to become ambassadors. The strategy here is to encourage them to share their positive experience with your services. Generally, people tend to do what others do (it’s called social confirmation). So maybe share some data about how often people refer you (for a good matter, surely). Or how profitable it is to be an ambassador.

  • Persuade the neutral clients that referring is worth it. Show them how the referrals work, what is the reward, and why it is nice to do.

You also have potential customers: people who’ve probably heard of the company, but have never made a purchase (yet). Getting them on your side is called retargeting.

To retarget, you can work with Facebook Ads, for instance. Say, target your referral ads at people with the same interests as your clients have. The more attractive your services are, the better your creative works are, the more potential clients you can convert into engaged users.

Next lesson:

Choose perfect promotion channels for your referral

  • Work with social media
  • Use email marketing tools
  • Make your website work for you
  • Throw SMS services into gear
  • Do not forget about offline