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Lesson 1.

Referral programs promotion explained

So, what’s more to a successful referral? Catch 22: while referral programs are a promotional instrument, to get the most out of it, you have to promote them. The most essential part of a referral is delivering it to the right people: those who are likely to become engaged clients.

Getting it done consists of two parts:

Become excellent in targeting: attract your dream lookalike audience

— Knock-knock!

— Who’s there?

— Do you have a minute to learn about our brilliant taxi services?

— Nope, thanks.

Sad story, right? Yet this is exactly the case if you start spreading your referral codes among random people. It is also known as “spray and pray” method. Guess what? It doesn’t work.

What does work? Targeting. Precise, hardcore targeting. Who are the people you want to reach?

enter image description here

The bitter truth of marketing is that most of the time, people you want to attract are very much like the clients your company already has. This is called “lookalike audience”: people who are really corresponding with the existing clients. Their resemblance is based on interests, demographic characteristics, place of employment, behaviour. Among all the people of the world, they have the biggest chance to commit to your company.

You can figure the “lookalike audience” out in several ways. The simplest one is using the Facebook SDK. Since SDK is already integrated by Onde for your company, it’s easy to do. Facebook collects a lot of data on people who use (and even don’t use!) it. Yes, it’s a bit creepy, but also very handy for businesses. Here are some of the data Facebook has for you:

As soon as you know who your clients and clients-to-be are, it’s time to systemize your knowledge.

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