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Lesson 3.

Facebook Analytics for your business growth

Facebook Analytics is a powerful tool — provided that you know how to apply it. Freecab, a French company, is one of the OnDe clients who’ve made smart use of Facebook SDK to promote their app. How did they do this?

“Based on the Facebook Analytics data, we can deliver special offers precisely to the customers who are interested in it. It’s a huge difference if you compare to ‘spray and pray’ efforts. What’s even better, working with highly segmented audiences increased our open and click-through rates. All because we address right audience now.”

A way of employing the Facebook SDK data on your app begins with asking yourself: “For every dollar I spend on promotion, how much will I get back?” The data helps you get the right answer. Based on Facebook SDK statistics, you can:

  • target and tune Facebook ads to reach a relevant audience;
  • develop promotion campaigns able to engage your customers;
  • analyze effects of promotion campaigns;
  • choose businesses to collaborate with,
  • and do many more things useful for the business development.

Let’s have a look at some options and the metrics you can turn to for increasing your app downloads!

Target and tune advertisements to reach relevant audience

If you’re using the Facebook SDK and Facebook Ads, creating a Custom Audience is a very clever step. This way you will address people who already know about your business. They are the most likely to really interact with your app.

Via the Facebook SDK, you can transfer data to your Ads Manager. Now you can target ads at people who already have your app installed. It’s possible to create many different Custom Audiences within Ads to be sure you always reach the right people.

What’s more, Custom Audience allows creating a Lookalike Audience. “Lookalike Audience” tool on Ads is really profitable if you want to give your business a boost. Lookalike audiences are lists of people Facebook generates based on who your existing clients are. Basically, Facebook collects data about their interests, behavior and demographic characteristics, and suggests a list of customers who are the most likely to become your new loyal users. For example, Facebook can create an audience of people who are very likely to use your services as based on their geographical location and the frequency of ordering a taxi.

Even if you do not work with Facebook Ads, the data from SDK is still helpful for your targeting. For instance, the “Overview” and “Insights” tabs give you an idea of what’s recently happening with your audience and which groups of clients you need to address. The possibility to segment the audience also allows you to understand what kind of people are the most likely to react to your promotions, no matter which channel you will use.

Develop promotion campaigns relevant for your customers

Have been thinking what’s the use of keeping an eye on downloads, installs and launches of your app? “Events” tab helps you to know exactly how many times and by whom your app is used. It also enables you to detect and solve the problems potential customer have.

Thanks to the “Events” data, you can communicate with people who’ve previously used your app but never came back to it in the last 30—60 days. You can win their attention back. You can send promotions to those who make orders on a regular basis to thank them for the loyalty. You can target your referral programs at those who are the most likely to recommend you (people with high app launch percentage).

Then again, the “People” tab in general helps you to understand what your customers care about. For example, if the majority of your clients uses Instagram actively, maybe they will be interested in using your hashtag? Or if they’re women, maybe they’d love more female drivers?

Analyze effects of promotion campaigns

Remember the “Retention” tab? The one with a graph of how many people come back to your app. It is extremely helpful to see how your promotion actions influence your business growth.

For instance, if you’ve targeted a marketing campaign at some segment of your audience, you can use the “Retention” data to see whether the campaign succeed to turn this segment into loyal customers.

Did people take enough action in your app as a result of your campaign? This information is perfectly visualized in the “Percentiles” tab!

“Active users” page is also there to keep track on how many new people came to use your app and if they’re staying with the company long enough to ensure the business growth.

Choose businesses to collaborate with

The “Breakdowns” tab makes it possible to group the data by various criteria. Thanks to it, one can see all the connections that matter to the business. For instance, if your clients take a taxi to the airport very-very often, maybe it’s time to introduce some special service for it or start collaborating with this airport?

“Breakdowns” provide you with a list of companies that are potentially interested in working together with you: those are hotels, airports, restaurants, and more — and OnDe has a super-employable partner dispatcher to make this collaboration fruitful.

As you see, Facebook Analytics is a perfect tool to track and increase your app popularity. Insights provided by this SDK can help you understand who your clients are, what they like, how to reach them better. Working with Facebook Analytics statistics will give your business the boost it needs.