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Lesson 3.

Tip #3: Work with Non-Profits

We have already mentioned a number of anti-crisis opportunities for your taxi business. Yet, we have one more growth hack tested by Onde itself.

Collaborate with Non-Profit Organizations

The Belarusian Red Cross needed a mobile app to make it easier to bring goods to elderlies in extreme conditions connected to the COVID-19. Here, we came with Lolo, our new app. We suggested our help and then joint our forces with the Red Cross.

What did we get?

  • Understanding that we don’t stand aside in the battle with the virus
  • Amazing PR coverage

We gave so many interviews to the largest media sources, so it looks like everyone in Belarus knows about Onde and Lolo now. This is the perfect opportunity for you to help your fellow citizens and spread the information about your services to the whole country.

You just need to use a few simple steps:

  • Suggest your drivers to become drivers-volunteers.
  • Contact any of your local non-profit organizations that helps people during the pandemic.
  • Offer your services.
  • Create a sepatrate service type in your My hub (set the smallest price like $0.01).
  • Teach volunteers who buy goods and work directly with the organization how to use the Passenger App and order drivers-volunteers with the created service type.
  • Start volunteering and tell your local medias about it!

One small tip: it’s better if you work for free, so as you can’t set $0 as a rate in the My hub just ask volunteers use cash payments in the app. Then, they will simply not pay anything at the end of the trip.