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Lesson 2.

Tip #2: Help Doctors

Medical staff are front-line warriors right now. They’re working hard to save as many lives as possible and the society appreciates it.

Free Rides for Doctors

People donate protective equipment, some cafes and restaurants cook food for hospitals, and ride-hailing and taxi companies can drive them to / from work for free.

Take this chance and show that your business does care about the situation happening now, and people will never forget it. Moreover, you can offer others to help you. Let people donate for trips for doctors and nurses!

  1. Choose a web platform that works with donations. People will trust it more than direct money transfers.
  2. Prepare a number of 100% discount codes for doctors, get in touch with hospitals and offer these codes.
  3. Choose the average price for the trip and suggest others to buy the code for this price.
  4. Make your own donation: show that you also spend your money and drive doctors for free.
  5. Be open when it comes to accounting: clearly show how much money you got and how much you spent. Mention all the hospitals that will get your free rides. You can even allow these hospitals to add the doctors’ surnames near the promo codes, so everyone who donated knows that it was given to a particular hospital employee.
Next lesson:

Tip #3: Work with Non-Profits

  • Collaborate with Non-Profit Organizations