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Lesson 1.

Tip #1: Social Responsibility

The pandemic of COVID-19 shows how people can unite in the face of danger. Business becomes socially responsible and helps those who need it. This is a good chance for your taxi / ride-hailing company to help others too.

Medicines Delivery

A good way of doing it is free medicines delivery. Here’s a flow you can use with Onde platform:

  • A customer (a passenger in our case) orders medicines from the website of a pharmacy or just by making a call
  • Then he / she pays for these medicines directly to the pharmacy
  • The pharmacy orders a cab using a partner access for an Operator app
  • A driver takes the meds from the pharmacy and brings them to the customer

In this case, you don’t need to use a passenger app because delivery is free of charge. It will be paid in the future when the pandemic is over; you will get recognition and loyalty of locals for your help. This is always more than just money.

Next lesson:

Tip #2: Help Doctors

  • Free Rides for Doctors