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What to do to maintain user activity after launch

Been wondering how to create a bullet-proof marketing plan for your taxi app? We’ve figured out the most important steps for businesses with any budget! Just go on reading and find out what to do at every stage!

What to do to maintain user activity after launch

Your app going live is just the beginning of a fascinating journey into the mobile world. After the business is rolling on the right foot, it’s time to work on a strategy to maintain the activity and expand the customer community. Long story short, your company should develop a fact-based engagement and re-engagement plan. Fact-based, because ideally, all the decision-making needs to rely on the analytics.

Know what you’re measuring

Some companies tend to gather and analyse literally all data, while others prefer to throw things at the wall and see what sticks.

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None of these approaches is clever. You have to know exactly what to measure, otherwise, you’ll sink in useless numbers. The lesson here is: know your key performance indicators for every marketing activity you begin.

The revenue is an important indicator of how well the app is doing. However, it is good to learn what exactly is attracting people and elaborate these features. If users are leaving, finding out at what point people do not come back to the app anymore is a must. Our inbuilt company analytics, Facebook analytics integration and App Store Connect analytics are giving you a plenty of useful KPIs, such as: – Number of active users per period; – Reasons for orders cancellation; – User retention rate; – User lifetime value; – Referral campaigns engagement, costs and results.

And many more. Concentrate on the metrics that matter at this very stage of the business development and think of the long-term success in the first place.

Never forget to update

Your customers love to know the app is constantly becoming better for them. Not only users tend to delete apps that are never updated, the lack of new releases causes poorer Store distribution results. Plus, new updates give you a possibility to talk to the community and learn what they think.

Go on with customer support

If you’re striving for a real meaningful relationship with the customers, it’s important to be always there for them. Even when they complain, whine and behave ugly. Apple App Store doesn’t allow to answer the users, but on Google Play it’s possible, so do it. A nice, concerned respond can also happen via emails, phone and support line. Take care to personalize your feedback management. As Mark Zuckerberg says, people hate to receive not-targeted messages.

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Avoid being too pushy

SMS-marketing are a great tool to communicate with the customers.

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However, there’s a thin line between being informative and being annoying. All the notifications should be scheduled and planned so that they won’t irritate people. Here, too, take care of enough personalization and target your messages well. As you see, taxi marketing plan requires a lot of data-driven planning (what a surprise, right?) and creating a unique strategy to let your brand stand strong in the market. Now, do you feel empowered and inspired? We hope so! Do not hesitate to ask any questions😇

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