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  • Hacking mobile app promotion: one little thing nobody knows of

Hacking mobile app promotion: one little thing nobody knows of

Doing your best for app store optimization? Eager to discover all ins and outs? We’ve got one golden tip to share — not many app owners know about this optimization trick, and not many use it. Read and learn more!

enter image description here Ever since iOS 11, the whole appearance of your app’s page on the App Store has changed. Space is added on the app product page — the text appearing there is the part of what you fill in into the Description field (the first 170 characters of it).

This text is referred to as “Promotional text”. Here’s what it looks like: Promotional text is placed just under the app promotional video and screenshots.

enter image description here

As you see, potential users get to view the Promotional text after they tap on your app icon and scroll further. In the other words, its visibility is rather high. That’s why optimizing it (or at least making it more appealing) is so essential for mobile app promotion.

There is no evidence yet that saturating Promotional text with keywords will guarantee for the app to rank higher. However, because it’s a very visible part of the app’s info, you can optimize it and make it “sell” your app.

Apple themselves recommend using Promotional text for telling potential and existing users about the hot things about your app. A new promotion, a referral, a discount, a new service type? All these updates will be in a right place in Promotional text.

In contrast to the rest of the Description the app owners can only adjust when re-submitting the app, Promotional text can be changed as often as you wish. So there’s always space to announce new, exciting things!

Positive effect on app’s conversions is obvious: even if it’s not helping to rank your app higher for the keywords, it is still eye-catching for the potential users. Plus, it provides you with a nice possibility to announce the extra value of your app — after all, it’s this value that stimulates users to download and use the app🙌

So go compose a beautiful Promotional text! It can really help your App Store optimization.

Let the Onde team do ASO and enjoy new users!

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