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  • Onde's feature releases & updates 2023/2024

Onde's feature releases & updates 2023/2024

2023 has been a year of steady growth and improvement for Onde and its apps. We’ve reached 2,000,000 daily rides, added dozens of features, expanded to 8 new countries, and grew our partner base by 20%. In case you’ve missed some of our updates, here’s what happened in 2023.

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Feature updates

Back-to-back rides

This much-requested feature allowed drivers to review and accept an order while still on the job. Using back-to-back rides increases drivers’ productivity as they take more orders. The feature also reduces customer waiting time, which increases customer satisfaction and retention.

Driver levels

Driver levels is a driver motivational system that ensures top-performing drivers automatically get better conditions (such as subscription cost, number of included rides, and order fee). It’s a tool that motivates drivers to perform better and increases their loyalty to the company.

Corporate accounts

Corporate accounts allow Onde’s partners to provide service for corporate customers. It includes multiple payment types and reports about trips made by employees. This feature will be updated in the future.

Coupon updates

  • Multi-trip coupons and multiple codes per customer

A highly requested feature that lets Onde partners allow customers to use multiple coupon codes from one promo campaign. This lets our partners be more flexible in building joint promo campaigns.

  • Upper-cap limit for percentage coupon

A coupon value cap is required to avoid fraud with coupons and to limit potential partners’ loss if customers use coupons mostly for long-distance trips. 

Assigning a specific driver (Operator API)

Partners that use Operator API can assign a specific driver to a specific order. This works for regular orders, preorders, and ASAP cases.

In-app feedback request

The “rate the app” in-app form was added to allow drivers and passengers to share their feedback about the apps. This allows us to understand pain points better and work quickly to solve them. This also gives the Onde product team more ideas about improving the apps to ensure they are the best on the market. 

Driver transactions reports updates

  • Driver’s phone number was added to enable the company to contact drivers who have recently received account top-ups. This way the company can target these drivers in their marketing campaigns, for example, through mass send-outs of promo offers.
  • In the Driver transactions report, outgoing and incoming driver balance values have been added for every transaction. This helps to understand the context of every transaction and provides a way to identify trends and bottlenecks in driver payment processing.

Driver registration: notifications 

Often, drivers fail to complete registration and quit the app during the registration process. The enhanced system of notifications for drivers ensures that they get multiple notifications for every intermediate step during the registration process. This way, more drivers complete registration and start working.

Rounded prices

This feature allows companies to define how the price of the trip is rounded. For example, the price can be rounded to the nearest integer, decimal point, or up to a number that doesn’t require passengers to pay with coins. The system will always try to round the total cost down to keep negative feedback from passengers as low as possible.

Wallet updates

  • A wallet top-up limit was added to prevent users from adding large amounts of money by mistake.
  • Customer Wallet reports and management updated to show who and how much was topped up in the report.

Customer app coupon’s updated

Discounted prices in the Customer app are now shown at the start of the trip, together with the full prices. This way customers are more motivated to take a ride, as they instantly see how much they save.

Payment gateways integrations

  • ZOOZ payment gateway integration
  • D-local payment gateway integration
  • bePaid payment gateway integration
  • IPay payment gateway integration
  • Midtrans payment gateway integration
  • MontyPay payment gateway integration

The radius of the search increased

To increase the rate of successful driver search, the system now performs another attempt at search ignoring the driver’s visibility radius in case the search within the visibility radius didn’t bring any results.

Driver activation updated

Two more sub-statuses (Rejected and On Hold) have been added to the 'Not Activated' Driver status). The decision-making process for Driver activation requests in My hub has been simplified. Mass processing of Driver activation requests is now available. 

Showing customer details before the driver accepts the order

For the driver's safety, it could be important to accept the order after knowing the customer's details. Onde now allows company managers to enable and disable showing customer details before the driver accepts the order. Customer is also shown their rating in the Customer app.

Onde Academy

In 2023, we’ve organized multiple events to help our partners and ourselves learn and grow in the ride-hailing industry. 

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Ride Right Now: Million Rides Club

RRN: Million Rides Club was a ride-hailing conference Onde organized in February 2023. It featured plenty of outstanding industry speakers, educational workshops, and exclusive events for our partners. We got very positive feedback from the event and are planning to organize the next ride-hailing conference in 2025. 

Case studies

We’ve added new case studies to provide you with more examples of how you can reach your goals with Onde. You can find case studies on adding food delivery to your ride-hailing businesscreating a women-for-women taxi service, and other success stories. Take a look, get inspired, and learn from the best. 

Plans for 2024

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In 2024, we’ll focus on:

  • Platform stability and reliability

In the previous year, we’ve hit 2,000,000 rides a month, which means we need to work especially hard to make sure the Onde platform is stable and reliable all the time. The uptime can’t fall below 99.98%.

  • Design

We’ll update the app design to make sure it’s intuitive and modern - just the one you want for your customers and drivers.

  • Webinars

In 2024, we’ve started on regular webinars. We covered multiple topics: how to attract and retain driverscrucial pre-launch mistakesride-hailing and delivery trends for 2024. In real-time, they’ve gathered hundreds of pre-registered viewers. 

We’ve received many requests for webinars on various marketing and technical topics, so we’ll continue doing them on a regular basis. We’ll continue with webinars and other that cover topics that ride-hailing companies struggle with. We’ll also introduce consultations to make sure you can get personalized advice on things like unit economics, marketing, and ride-hailing operations. 

Feel free to request a topic and follow our social media accounts (InstagramLinkedIn) to get notifications and book your place in advance. Event website is also coming soon.

  • Social media presence (ride-hailing reports & guides)

We’ve started to regularly share reports, guides and other insights on social media. Please follow us on social media (InstagramLinkedIn), and reach out if you have any comments or requests.

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