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Delivery tracking software

Do you feel the urge to offer your clients new service types? Delivery services are a booming business right now, and there’s no reason to postpone launching one. 

delivery0tracking software

Your delivery software must be reliable

Let your customers order the things they need in just a few clocks. Food delivery from grocery stores, packages from small businesses such as restaurants, pharmacies or convenience stores, parcels delivery...Be there when customers need you in these uncertain times.

All the delivery mobile apps you get should be white-label, and thus highly-customizable. Use your brand colors to stick in people’s minds. The apps speak your language, and the system is ready for huge work-loads.

So, what should your system be to be successful?

High-performance mobile apps for couriers

What should you do for your couriers?

Create delivery driver apps to make the work of your employees pleasant and effective. Your delivery couriers can work with an iOS or Android app. The apps should work swiftly even with a slow internet connection and feature a unique queue algorithm to keep your couriers engaged. It's also important to have:

  • Easy registration process and motivating workflow
  • Advanced route planning tool making sure every route is optimal
  • Order description to make sure everything is clear (weight, size, type)
  • Possibility to contact clients in-app
  • Multiple payment options (card, cash, terminal, — you choose how your delivery drivers get paid).

Lovable booking apps for customer satisfaction

A happy customer is a loyal customer. How can your customer app make them happy?

  • Your brand colors accompanied with intuitive, convenient order flow
  • Real-time pickup and delivery tracking
  • Various types of services available in one app — allow customers to choose what they need
  • Clearly stated delivery time (ETA) and transparent invoicing
  • Unique codes for every order (proof of delivery) fostering safety

Advanced My Hub functionality for delivery business

My Hub must be perfectly suited to streamline all the delivery management processes. You must be able to manage access rights, set automated billing plans for couriers, get detailed reports on business performance, and make the rules for your delivery business — all in one dashboard, accessible from any device.

Effective Operator App for orders via phone calls

Operator App should allow your delivery business to process the orders made via phone calls. This can come in handy when the internet connection is unstable.

Dispatchers must get the rights to create and manage orders, real-time tracking the delivery process is available, and there’s a tool to search and order all the delivery operations the way you need. 

Mobile apps to streamline your delivery business

There’s no better time than now to make your business flexible. Introducing a new service type — like delivery service — is a good move to make.

At the moment we’re baking our delivery management software specifically to make your business operations easier and more efficient. Ready? Sign up and get it first!

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