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Launch an Uber clone anywhere in the world

Malaysian revenue market is expected to grow from US$855m in 2019 to US$1,340m by 2023.

Get a piece of this market with Onde. Launch your Uber clone app.

Taxi platform to start and grow your business

Launching an Uber clone app is not enough to develop a sustainable local business. At Onde, we believe every local market deserves an Uber alternative to really change the transportation — and for clients and drivers to fall in love with.

This is why we offer white-label taxi app development for companies who are eager to shape the future. 200+ companies in more than 60 countries trust us with this. With our all-in-one, ready-to-scale solution, you can launch quickly and without any taxi app development hassle.

onde software

Taxi app development made easy as pie

Onde platform revolves around mobile apps for customers and drivers. There are more than 25.000.000 smartphone users in Malaysia — and they’re eager to become fans of your services! All you need to make are handy booking apps. We take care of the whole taxi app development cycle — we build and test highly-customizable taxi apps, brand it in your company style, optimize the apps for Google Play and App Store, submit it to the stores, and make sure there are regular new version releases.

You get 4 (iOS Customer & Driver and Android Customer & Driver) state-of-art Uber-like apps. No more explaining your business needs and ideas about taxi services to a team of inexperienced developers. No more time spent on negotiating every feature. We know exactly what you need to launch a successful Uber clone app.


My hub — manage all the business operations in one place

My hub is made for daily management and getting a big picture of how your taxi app business is doing. Here you can:

  • manage all the drivers’ and operators’ accesses
  • set rules on when, how long, and with which service types drivers may work
  • define billing rules and let the system calculate the fairs and charge automatically
  • monitor analytics about your ride-hailing business.

Operator app — the beating heart of Onde taxi dispatch system

The Onde Operator app is here to make the work of your taxi dispatchers efficient and pleasant. There is one functional dashboard where all the orders are collected. Operators can sort, search, and instantly view the orders. They can follow the rides in real-time — no more shady “touristic” routes. Our unique worldwide geo-coding makes sure the passengers and the drivers always get the best routes. 🙌

taxi software

Partner access — for those eager to grow

Teaming up with airports, resorts, hotels, or other businesses is a great way for an Uber clone app to grow. To make your business partnerships easier, we’ve made Web App for partner access. With it, you can open your business partners access to the booking software.

They can make instant and pre-orders, create permanent booking addresses and custom names for their locations. It literally works with one tap of a button!

How to start a transportation business? Make sure your app has these features...

bank account receipt

Cashless payment options

For an Uber clone app, the card payment option is a must. To make this work in all parts of the world, we’ve integrated trustworthy payment gateways to the Onde taxi dispatch system — among others, Checkout, PayU. We are always looking for sustainable credit card payment solutions for our clients, wherever they are.

All the payments your company proceeds by card go straight to the company’s bank account. This creates an impressive turnover — the ultimate evidence of your business advancement.

graph statistics diagram

Transparent fees and rates

One of the crucial factors of Uber’s success was providing taxi passengers and drivers with affordable, but also understandable fares. Pricing transparency is the reason many people rather book a cab via Uber-clone apps than use traditional taxis.

Onde brings pricing transparency to the next level. The prices are calculated based on the most convenient routes. All the additional fees are always defined and stated clearly in the apps. You define your pricing policy — we make sure the clients understand it.


Multiple service types to enhance scaling opportunities

Expanding services to other cities is one of the most obvious scaling opportunities for an Uber clone app. However, from market giants such as Didi, Gojek or Gett we can learn that introducing new service types is a much cleverer way to grow your market share.

Onde taxi dispatch system allows launching new service types in just a couple of clicks. Choose out 40+ service types available — delivery, roadside assistance, bike- and ride-sharing, just to name some — or introduce a new one. Because we’re always up for a challenge.

We’re proud to provide all the services one needs to launch a successful business in transportation. What can be more clear than the words from our clients?

“We are getting more than technology. The team is eager to listen and understand our needs. We’ve recently spent two days at the Onde office discussing opportunities and ideas for platform development with the management team. We know the real people standing behind Onde. This is what makes our partnership special.” Mohammed, Tirhal, Sudan.


 High system reliability

Onde software is user-friendly and easy to work with. Behind the amiable interfaces, there’s a gigantic ecosystem of powerful solutions making your taxi app’s work possible. We use cutting-edge technologies to make sure all the orders get the attention they need, no bit of data gets lost, and no amount of orders is too much for the system. Sky’s the limit.

Marketing assistance & ASO services

Marketing it right is a crucial part of any company’s development. Profiting from our expertise in marketing taxi services, we offer our clients additional branding and digital marketing assistance. Launching ad campaigns, styling app icons and previews, making banners — you name it and we know how to do it right.

Basic app store optimization is a part of all app development plans. However, bringing your apps to the search top of the app stores to get more installs and users is a more complicated task. We offer extra ASO maintenance for those who won’t settle for less. Here are some of our success cases.

All-in-one ride-hailing stage. Your own Uber clone business

The Malaysian ride-hailing market revenue is expected to grow tremendously and result in a market volume of US$1,340m by 2023. Get your place in this market and profit from the growth. Try the Onde system for free.