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Get an app like Uber with Onde’s ready-to-use ride-hailing solution

Get flexible and easy-to-brand taxi software that includes Customer & Driver apps like Uber, Lyft, and Bolt, an operator system, a management panel, and a web booking app.

It’s a demo version of the apps. Play around and test the features. See your business in action.

Onde offers a complete set of apps to build your local Uber

Use your branding. Add multiple services. Scale without limits.

Customer app

With Customer app, your customers can book a taxi or any other on-demand service from anywhere.

- Multiple payment options (card, cash, terminal, digital Wallet)
- Customer’s location and language detected automatically
- Shareable rides and driver ratings with friends for increased safety
- In-app chat for simpler communication with drivers

Driver app

Provide drivers with the most convenient way to accept orders and offer a gamified, intuitive app experience.

- Intelligent algorithm to assign orders to drivers
- No-nonsense workflow
- Simple registration process
- Multiple payment options
- Possibility to contact and rate passengers

Dispatch (Operator) system

Operator app lets you manage bookings made by phone or messengers easily and effectively.

- All order events and details in one place
- Heat map to visualize your drivers
- PBX integration to integrate your call center
- Filters for instant orders and preorders to find any order or customer

Management panel

My hub is a comprehensive management solution for handling drivers, orders, pricing, and all other back-office needs.

- Driver & operator management
- Flexible billing plans
- Corporate accounts to partner with other businesses
- Analytics & performance reports to make data-driven business decisions
- Referral programs to attract drivers and customers

Use Onde to get Uber-like apps and more! Book a call with our team to see if Onde is right for you.

Why choose Onde?

Why choose Onde

Scale your business indefinitely

We process 2 million orders daily and have 99% uptime. Most solutions have a daily limit (often it’s no more than 10,000 trips per day!) - we don’t.

No matter how large your business grows, we have the capability, resources, maps, and languages to support you.

Get updates every month for free

All apps are updated every month, and you get every new feature for free, forever.

Experience superior 24/7 customer support

Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you with any issues and answer any of your questions. We’re told, it’s a rare thing in the ride-hailing tech platform business!

Get your apps to the top of app stores

With every Onde plan, you get a App Store Optimization as part of the growth support package. And that’s not it: Onde’s marketing experts are ready to help you with advanced ASO, creating ads, targeting, SMM, and other marketing strategies you want to apply.

Benefit from our expertise

Onde has been in the ride-hailing industry for over 12 years. When you get the Onde platform, you also get a dedicated and experienced partner. We are directly invested in your success as our business model depends on your business growth.

Used by 400+ businesses all over the world

Here’s what our partners say about why they chose Onde

Choose the best solution for your ride-hailing business

It’s a demo version of the apps

Play around and test the features. See your business in action.

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