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  • #OndeForGood: learn how we help Red Cross Belarus fight COVID-19

#OndeForGood: learn how we help Red Cross Belarus fight COVID-19

We at Onde are excited to announce our partnership with Red Cross Belarus. Sounds great? It sure does! Here’s how it works.


This joint initiative is based on our new app, Lolo, that will help Red Cross volunteers deliver groceries to elderly people during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Belarusian Red Cross collaborates with volunteers who accept purchase orders from elderly people. To deliver the purchases, a coordinator first needs to find a volunteer with a car. The process wasn’t automated before and needed some technical improvements to ensure faster and more efficient work. This is where Onde came of help. 

The new project has been launched through Lolo, our brand-new mobile application. It helps volunteers with cars register as drivers and process delivery orders. The orders are placed through a passenger app by any other volunteer or through a common operator app from a Red Cross coordinator. 

Here’s what Eugene Suslo, co-founder and CEO of Onde says about the initiative: 

“Onde has been developing ride-hailing tech for over 9 years. Over 200 companies in 70 countries worldwide already use our platform. In the days of pandemic, just like any socially responsible business, we cannot stay indifferent. We realize the demand for volunteers and their services has grown exponentially. This means speed and scalability are a priority. That’s why we decided to launch our new Lolo app specifically for the Red Cross volunteers to help coordinate their work more efficiently. Anyone based in Belarus with a vehicle can become a volunteer and help.”

Join us to do good deeds together!

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