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Looking for a business to invest in?

We've got one ultimate solution to put your money into and make more 😉


What is ride-hailing?

Ride-hailing is very similar to taxi but it’s not a taxi business. There’s no need for a business owner to buy cars which saves quite a lot of money and gets rid of a headache. All you need is to connect drivers with their personal cars and passengers.

Usually, you do it providing mobile apps for drivers and passengers. 

Have you ever heard about Uber? That's ride-hailing.


Statistics and Predictions

  1. Ride-hailing is going to reach US$216,810m of revenue this year.
  2. An annual growth rate of this business sector is expected to rise by 13.7% which increases a market volume up to US$318,765m by 2023.

Sounds good, right?


Return on Investment (ROI)

If you're ready to work hard and put enough efforts you can get your investments back within… 1-2 years!

Yes, we do have such examples among our clients. Some of them have built a million dollar business within 5 years.


What do you need to start?

  • a platform with mobile driver and passenger apps (Onde is here to help you with this)
  • some money for promotion
  • a plan, a really good business plan
  • your enthusiasm and aim to perform your best

So why ride-hailing, once again

  • Growing market
  • Good ROI
  • Not that difficult to launch
  • You help your region improve transportation
  • You help nature by cutting carbon emission (there's no need to buy cars if you can always book a cab and get it within minutes)
  • Onde is here to help you from the very beginning and provide not only the platform to operate but business support to become successful 

First step

Ready to start? Then, try the Onde white-label platform for ride-hailing!

We have customized mobile apps for drivers and passengers, My Hub to manage your business and the Operator app to get orders via phone.