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Launch Uber-like platform in Saudi Arabia

Launch Uber-like platform in Saudi Arabia

The market for apps like Uber in Saudi Arabia is following the global trend and is growing rapidly. The revenues in the ride-hailing segment are predicted to show a yearly growth rate of 14%. With more than 2 million active smartphone users, Saudi Arabia is a market with huge potential.

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Global cab booking software for local demand

Local entrepreneurs know better what the demand is. For instance, you know better than Uber what kind of features are vital for a successful ride-hailing app for Saudi Arabia. This is why at Onde we’re dedicated to offering local companies global-level cab booking software. Easy-to-brand, easy-to-scale, and perfect for business growth.


Taxi app software for perfect user experience

With more than 2 million active smartphone users in Saudi Arabia, high-quality taxi booking apps are essential for launching a ride-hailing business. Booking applications for both drivers and passengers should work flawlessly to ensure a supreme user experience.

Onde does the whole cycle of taxi app software development, from testing to submitting to the app stores

You get 4 apps like Uber (Android for Customer & Driver and iOS for Customer & Driver) without any hassle normally associated with app development from scratch. The apps are perfect for scaling your business, are branded in your company colors, and have all the features one needs to become a market leader. Such as...


As many payment options as you wish

Providing your customers all the payment options they need — by card, mobile, terminal, or cash — is a good way to attract more users to your Uber-like platform. We give you this possibility by having integrated reliable payment gateways for cashless payments. It works in any country in the world.

However, there are many reasons to not work with cash at all. For instance, it’s not always safe for drivers. Also, cashless payments go straight to your company’s bank account, demonstrating business viability to potential investors. If you’d rather have no cash payments for your taxi app software, just switch them off. You make the rules here.

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Referral discounts to get new clients easily

Attracting and retaining users of your Uber-like platform is a way easier when there are handy tools for that. Onde cab booking software features an inbuilt tool for launching referral campaigns in just a couple of clicks.

You can let opinion leaders, other brands, or loyal app users recommend your taxi app software to their followers, friends, and family. This allows to attract new users and increase existing customers’ engagement with your brand.


SOS button & documents to foster safety

Feeling safe is crucial during a taxi ride. To make sure your drivers and passengers are safe, we’ve designed the onboarding process for Onde-powered cab booking software including document and license verification steps. There’s also an SOS button in all the taxi app software to ensure, whatever happens, your clients and employees will stay safe.


 40+ service types to scale (almost) effortlessly

Growing your Uber-like platform can mean introducing services in new cities. However, the examples of industry giants such as Gojek and Gett teach us that diversifying service types instead can make your business more successful. Launching new service types makes your business model more versatile, and thus less fragile in times of market changes or crises.

The Onde taxi app software features more than 40 service types you can launch at any moment, from roadside assistance and ride-sharing to delivery and on-demand household help. Is the service type you need not listed? Drop us a line, we’re always in for fresh ideas.

White label taxi dispatch to streamline business operations

Ambitious startup aiming to change local transportation or established taxi company in search of software to automate taxi management, Onde taxi dispatch system fits all. Not because it’s “one size” — because it’s tailored to the needs of ride-hailing companies. Three high-performance admin panels are designed to enhance taxi business management at any level.


My hub — software for swift & sound taxi management

We’ve created Onde My Hub based on the needs of our 200+ clients. The software has every feature to streamline taxi management processes.

  • Easy-to-use tools for drivers’ and operators’ accesses administration
  • A tool to automate drivers’ billing
  • Detailed analytics and reports on business development
  • Inbuilt referral programs for customer acquisition

White label taxi Operator app making operators’ work pleasant

If your cab booking service works with dispatch operators, the Onde taxi dispatch system will make their work efficient and enjoyable.

All the orders are collected in one well-structured dashboard. An operator can view all orders, sort and search them in seconds. They can also view the rides in real-time so that they know exactly where the drivers are. And our cutting-edge taxi app software makes sure all the routes assigned are optimal for both customers and drivers.

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Partner access to make teamwork successful

Apps like Uber profit enormously from partnerships with other businesses — think of hotels, airports, resorts, popular stores. The Onde cab booking software makes collaborations comfortable for both sides.

Web App designed especially for partner access allows your business partners to book your services in just one click, create permanent addresses and custom names for their locations, and even schedule pre-orders. You decide what services and rates are available with partner access. They get reliable transportation services, and you get a whole new load of clients. Win-win situation.


Cab booking software of highest reliability

Behind the user-friendly and seemingly simple interfaces of Onde cab booking software, there is a giant infrastructure of powerful tech making it work at ease, no matter how huge the workloads are.

We only use trustworthy technological solutions allowing your business to function day and night. Want to know more about our software ecosystem? Check out all the details here.


24/7 support

A team of technical specialists is available 24/7. We host regular webinars on the ins and outs of the system, and we’re always there to answer any questions. Your personal account manager can assist you with all business-related inquiries.


Branding, marketing, and app store optimization assistance

We’re committed to helping our clients to become real market leaders. This is why we put our marketing and branding expertise to your use. Our team can help you with brand positioning, launch digital and offline marketing campaigns, or even design your app’s visuals for the app stores according to the latest trends.

As a part of all app development plans, we do basic app store optimization (ASO). If you’re eager to get more app installs at the best price and eventually become #1 in the local app store, you can request extra ASO assistance. Here are some cases we’re proud of.

Own supreme cab booking software for Saudi Arabia

The mobility industry in Saudi Arabia needs entrepreneurs eager to make it better. The market is growing — don’t miss your opportunity to join in. Profit from growth. Try how far you can get with Onde taxi booking software.