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Launch your own app like Uber in Philippines

Launch your own app like Uber in Philippines

There are 59,803,311 smartphone users in the Philippines — and this number is growing. The market for apps like Uber enabling on-demand transportation is huge. Is the transport business profitable? Yes, extremely.

Launch your own app with Onde. More than 200 companies worldwide have already made their step to the future of mobility with us. Perfectly scalable all-in-one solution bringing you to the top of the market.

Apps like Uber are known for providing users mobility and freedom that they seek. However, establishing a profitable transportation business is more than just copying Uber’s model. It is more about knowing the local context and the exact needs of the market.

Onde powers mobility entrepreneurs in more than 60 countries. We know for sure that local businesses know better than multinationals how to make transportation in their country perfect.

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Taxi app development made stressless

The success of apps like Uber is based on providing customers and drivers with functional, easy-to-use mobile applications. At Onde, we have a lot of expertise in developing branded booking applications.

Our taxi app developers know exactly what features are a must for your business to become a market leader. We build the apps, test it, brand it, and even optimize it for app store placement. We also submit the applications to the stores and regularly release enhancing updates.

At the end of the development cycle, you get four apps like Uber (Customer & Driver for iOS and Android) — without any stress normally associated with taxi app development. No more exhausting negotiations or prioritizing features. Concentrate on your business — Onde does the tech part of it.

Talking about features, there are some that are a must if you’re aiming to make your app-powered transport business profitable.


Variety of payment options

Allowing passengers and drivers to pay by card is exactly what makes apps like Uber so convenient. However, the bigger the variety of payment options, the more clients will be attracted to the app.

To enable card payments anywhere in the world, we’ve integrated reliable payment gateways (such as Stripe and PayU), and we are constantly working on new ones. All card payments drop directly on your company’s bank account, ensuring a solid cash flow — evidence of your business success.


Precise geolocation services

Geolocation services are a must to avoid any type of confusion as to finding addresses and building the routes. Onde’s unique smart geolocation knows exactly where the passenger is, and always creates the best route to this place. This works for every place in the world, even in a desert, on any mobile device.

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Clear fees and rates

Affordable and transparent fares are the key factor of the success apps like Uber achieve. Unlike traditional taxis, booking apps show precise rates before the ride starts. This is the reason why many people prefer apps like Uber to any other kind of transportation.

The prices in Onde-powered apps are always calculated for the most convenient routes. Any additional fees, such as extra taxes or fees for complementary services are clearly stated in the interface. You define the fares and prices, and Onde makes it comprehensible for your clients.


Multiple service types availability

Apps like Uber tend to expand their market share by providing more service types rather than launching in new cities. Business strategies of Didi, Gojek or Gett show how efficient this method is.

Onde software allows launching new service types easily. There are more than 40 service types available at the moment, from delivery to roadside assistance. You can also request a custom service type.

Admin panels for transportation business management

Onde solution includes 3 highly performative admin panels accessible from any type of iOS or Android device as well as from a desktop. Using them at full blast will help you make your transportation business extremely profitable.


My hub for business operations

Anything about your business you can manage via My hub. Here are just some vital functionalities it provides:

Drivers’ and operators’ accesses management
Setting drivers’ billing rules and working schedules; tune automated drivers’ fees collection
New service types launching
Elaborate analytics of the company’s business performance
Launching promo campaigns

There’s of course more to My hub. Check it out here in more detail.


Operator app for booking management

Apps like Uber profit a lot from business partnerships. You can work together with local restaurants, hotels, and any other hotspots needing a reliable mobility solution. Onde partner access dispatch is designed to make business collaborations swift and pretty.

Simply grant partner access to your business partners — and they will be able to create bookings (both instant and planned) for their locations in just a couple of clicks. They get comfort, your company gets extra revenue.

Extra services to make your company skyrocket

At Onde, we know that conquering the hearts of all the smartphone users in the Philippines is not exactly easy. We provide a number of additional services — so that you can concentrate on your business while we’re doing the rest.

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Marketing assistance & ASO services

Marketing your ride-hailing services to the right audience in an appealing way is essential at every stage of your company’s development. We make our rich marketing and branding expertise available to our clients at very attractive prices. Here, you can learn more about our marketing services.

We know how crucial it is to make your apps visible in the stores. This is why basic app store optimization is included in all our app development plans. Want to get right to the top of the search in your category? We’ve done that for our clients. Join the club.


24/7 support

Whatever your question about the software or business development is, we have the answers. Our tech support team is there 24/7 to help you with anything system-related. A personal account manager is always there to discuss your business.

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 Unique events for networking

Being able to share your ideas with like-minded people, finding inspiration for launching new projects and learning from the experience of other entrepreneurs is essential for any business person. This is why we organize one-of-a-kind events for ride-hailing pioneers from all around the world.

All-in-one platform for Uber-like apps

The revenues of the ride-hailing market in the Philippines is expected to follow the international trend and grow enormously in the upcoming years. Now is the best time to take your part in this market. Start your free trial of the Onde system and see how far you can get.