Discover transport business in Mali with your app like Uber

Like in many African countries, in Mali, the concept of ride-hailing is becoming more and more popular. There are 2,225,038 smartphone users in the country, and they all eagerly book rides via an app.

At Onde, we power more than 200 local companies to change transportation in their country to the best with so-called Uber clone apps. And here is how you can join this talented bunch, too.

Launch your apps like Uber in just weeks

Uber clone apps are loved all over the world — they give passengers ease, safety, and reliability they deserve, provide drivers with an additional source of income, and allow transport businesses to innovate the way local mobility works.

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Easy onboarding and safety of use

Booking apps like Uber are widely adored because they grant users the freedom of transportation combined with high reliability and ease of use.

So every part of the booking app should work flawlessly. The onboarding process for both drivers and passengers is really swift in Onde-powered apps. Passengers just need to set an account in a few taps. Drivers can submit all the required documents for your company to check their background.

That’s how we make using Onde’s Uber clone apps easy and functional.

Payment options: the more the better

Let your customers choose from a variety of payment options (by card, cash, terminal, or mobile) — this will make your customer base grow faster.

Onde fleet management software features integrations with the most reliable payment gateways, such as Checkout. This is our guarantee that all your cashless payments will land safely on your company’s bank account.

Prefer working with cash? Well, you decide what kinds of payments are available in your booking apps!

Bonuses and discounts to keep users active

Bonuses and special discounts help ride-hailing companies to attract new users to their Uber-clone apps, but also to keep existing users engaged. We’ve designed our referral programs tool to allow you to do both easily.

Launch referral programs in My hub. Let people invite their friends and family to use your app — and get bonuses for each new customer making a trip. Set your rules for each new program. Profit!

Plenty of service types to satisfy any demand

Delivery, roadside assistance services, electric vehicles as taxis — Onde system features more than 40 service types you can introduce to successfully scale your business. Think of environmentally-friendly transport businesses, such as bike-sharing, motor-taxi, or maybe even a pedicab. Zero-emission services are gaining more and more popularity and often have a low entrance threshold, too.

Your dream service type not listed? No problem — just drop us a line, we’ll see what we can do.

Geolocation working like a Swiss watch

One of the reasons people love apps like Uber is that the app navigates the driver exactly to the pick-up and drop-off points. In the Onde software, geolocation services are extremely precise and know every inch of the best route to the passenger and back. No more weird roundabouts, no more clients frustrated with drivers unable to find them.

Fleet management software streamlining your transport business

The Onde fleet management software is a good fit for any type of transport business, from an ambitious disruptive startup to a renowned taxi company willing to innovate their services. Here’s what you get with our white-label solution.

My hub to manage apps like Uber

My hub is the dashboard you get to manage all business processes. From adding drivers to getting instant analytical insights. A high level of automation makes sure My hub does all the boring stuff, so you can concentrate on business development.

  • Easy administration of drivers’ and operators’ access
  • Automated driver billing and payouts
  • Rich analytics and detailed reports
  • Referral programs for easy customer acquisition
  • Available from any device.

We regularly add new, exciting features to My hub based on the feedback from our 200+ clients around the world.

First-rate Operator app

Uber dispatch system is only working with booking apps. But what if people still often order their cab just giving company a call? Our Operator app is the ideal solution for that.

The Onde Operator app is a handy dashboard with all orders coming from both apps and phone calls. Operators can supervise, sort, search, and, of course, assign orders. The software decides the best routes. It also forms an intelligent driver queue so that the drivers get the maximum out of their work. The Onde Operator app is there to keep your employees happy.

Third-party access for fruitful business partnerships

Working together with other companies such as hotels, airports, city hotspots is a great way for a transport business to get more clients very quickly.

Partner access is designed to make business collaborations more efficient and smooth. Give your business partners unique access to booking your services in just a few taps. Let them schedule pre-orders, set custom location names, or introduce bonuses. You set the access rules and get a lot of new orders, and your business partners get reliable transportation at attractive prices. Win-win situation!

Become real market leader with Onde-powered apps like Uber

At Onde, we realize how important it is to build a trustworthy, sustainable brand. We are happy to see our clients developing great companies and becoming market leaders in their countries. That’s why we provide more than just cutting-edge tech.

Marketing, app store optimization, and more

Want to launch as a strong transport business? Pay enough attention to marketing your services at all stages. Our team of branding and marketing specialists can provide you with insights on how to position your business, launch ad campaigns, design app visuals for store placement, and much more.

App store optimization (ASO) is another cornerstone of a successful launch. Make your app visible in App Store and Google Play with our courses designed especially for ride-hailing businesses and enjoy the basic ASO package included in all Uber clone app development plans. Or request a complete app store optimization maintenance and become the definite #1.

Scalability and great power

There’s powerful gear behind the elegance of the Onde fleet management software. We work with the most powerful technical solutions to give your business all the power it needs to grow further. Want to know all the details? 

24/7 tech support and personal account management

Our technical support is always there: they’ll show you around the system, tell all its ins and outs in webinars, and are accessible 24/7 to answer any questions about the tech.

A personal account manager is there for you to discuss all business-related queries and think together with you.

 Launch your innovative transport business in Mali now

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