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More than an Uber clone app for UAE

More than an Uber clone app for UAE

In the United Aram Emirates, more than 9 million people are active smartphone users. At the same time, the ride-hailing industry, including on-demand transportation services, is expected to show a 25% growth by 2025. Considering this, the right moment for entering the market of on-demand taxi and mobility services is now.

Launch more than just another Uber clone app. Get state-of-art taxi management software and apps at Onde — and join the community of 200+ mobility entrepreneurs worldwide.

Full-cycle Uber clone app development

Lovable and functional mobile applications providing users a quick and easy way to book a taxi are the key factor to Uber’s success. With Onde, you get 4 apps (iOS Customer & Driver, Android Passenger & Driver) with all the features vital for a successful ride-hailing enterprise.

At Onde, we put our rich expertise in taxi booking app development to your service. Our development team builds the apps, tests them, makes sure the apps are branded in your company’s style. We do basic app store optimization of the apps before we submit them to the stores. Our full-cycle Uber clone app development is quick and transparent, so you spare a lot of time to do what matters for your business.


Geolocation services of unique precision

No more drivers “lost on their way”, no more incomprehensible routes around the whole city for tourists. Onde geolocation can find any address, anywhere on Earth. The software always chooses the routes optimal for both driver and customers.


Complete control of payment methods

Card and mobile payments are gaining popularity over the last decade. Clients love them. At the same time, for companies, card payments are a reliable source of a solid turnover on the bank account — which comes in handy when you need to prove business viability to investors and potential partners.

Onde uber clone software provides you full control over the payment methods. A greater number of payment options attracts more clients — and employees, as you can process drivers’ fees and payments by card, too. We make sure that all your card payments only happen via trustworthy payment gateways.

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Intelligible fees and rates

Speaking of fees… Clear pricing policy for both drivers and customers is an important success factor for your ride-hailing business. After all, Uber clone apps are known for cheap rides and comprehensible rates as compared to traditional taxis.

Onde-built apps allow you to grant your clients and employees the transparency they seek. All extra fees (think of local taxes or complementary service prices) are shown explicitly in the apps before the trip starts. No more misunderstandings.

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Many service types available for your business

Business diversification is often the shortest way to getting a bigger market share. For on-demand apps, it’s easy to think of new service types to launch to get new customers.

Onde taxi management software provides you 40+ service types available for an immediate launch. Roadside assistance, medical assistance on-demand, delivery, bike-sharing — you name it, we have it. Thinking of something completely different? Send us a request, we love a challenge.


Customer and driver ratings

The prettiest thing about on-demand ride-hailing services is probably the safe feeling of getting into the car with somebody you trust. Driver ratings are quite common for Uber clone apps. At Onde, we’re one step further — our customer ratings provide your employees with a safe feeling, too.

Cab dispatch software for complete automation

Onde cab dispatch software consists of 3 high-performance management panels. Everything you need to streamline your business operations made accessible for any device.


Automate business operations with My hub

My hub is the core of Onde taxi management software. A wide range of operations can be managed from here:

  • Drivers’ and operators’ registration, access rights, work schedules and billing
  • Introducing new service types
  • Keeping track on business performance with inbuilt analytics and elaborate reports
  • Launching discount campaigns for customer and employee acquisition

And much more. Here you can learn more about the functionality of My hub.


Manage bookings with Operator app

Operators working with phone orders need a handy and practical solution to make their work more structured and efficient. The Operator app does it. All the orders (instant, planned and completed) are gathered in one user-friendly dashboard. No order will ever get lost here — and it saves a lot of time.

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Use Partner access for flawless collaborations

Business collaborations can mean a lot for your company’s growth. Teaming up with local catering and hospitality businesses can help you to get more orders and new loyal clients — while your business partners will finally get a reliable mobility services provider.

Onde cab dispatch software for Partner access allows your business partners to book your services in just a couple of clicks. Custom location names, the possibility of pre-booking and choosing suitable service types needed make this really easy.

More than just Uber clone app development

A handy branded app, a scalable software solution — those are nice, but there’s more needed to get to the top of the bill in UAE. We agree. That’s why Onde offers more.

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App store optimization and marketing assistance

Professional app store optimization (ASO) can get your app +30% downloads. Compared to other types of promotion, this is the most effective way to increase your customer base and revenue at relatively low costs. Request ASO assistance — and our team of ASO specialists will do all the research and implementation so that you get stunning results.

We also provide digital marketing and branding assistance. As our expertise in marketing on-demand businesses is giant, we’re eager to share all the ins and outs with our clients. Learn from our blog or request personalized advice.


Unique community of entrepreneurs

24/7 technical support, personal account manager, a chat-bot that will guide you through our educational materials base… You can get that almost anywhere nowadays, right?

So we’ve decided to give our clients something unique. An inspiring community to network, share, cooperate — because being together makes mobility entrepreneurs standing stronger. Our exclusive Ride.Right.Now conferences gather bright minds and stakeholders from all over the world. Be the part of this club. Join the future.

State-of-art ride-hailing software

In the United Arab Emirates, the ride-hailing market is growing rapidly and is expected to grow by 25% in the upcoming 5 years. Claim your share of this market. Kick the tires of the Onde system.