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The most reliable Uber clone app for taxi and more

Don’t want to waste time puzzling out source code for an Uber clone app?  Onde has a perfect solution. Ready-to-launch, easy-to-scale, 100% customizable Uber clone software.

 Taxi booking software working better than Uber

Launching an Uber clone app is often challenging. At Onde, we offer you technically supreme taxi booking software, stress-free. We build, test, and launch iOS and Android Customer and Driver apps. We upload the apps to the App Store and Google Play and get them approved. We provide 24/7 technical support, a personal account manager, and even initial app store optimization of the taxi apps (ASO) — all in the basic package.

My hub features

taxi software

Driver management, fully automated

taxi panel

Functional admin dashboard

In My hub, all the valuable data about your taxi business is visualized. View the number of drivers and operators per category (active, activation needed, invited, suspended, or incomplete registration). Invite, activate and manage operator’s rights of access. In just a couple of clicks.

taxi software

Handy partner dispatch

There’s always space to grow. Collaborating with other businesses (hotels, restaurants, airports)? No problem! In My hub, you can give third parties limited rights to create and manage orders. It’s called Partner dispatch and ensures your company a lot of extra orders per day!

graph statistics diagram

Reports and analytics

All the analytics in Onde My hub is accessible in two clicks. Track driver balances, transactions, and activities in real-time. Get comprehensive reports on all the company activities. Upload the reports directly to your Google Drive. Watch your taxi business grow with detailed diagrams. Make data-driven marketing decisions with integrated Facebook analytics add on.

Operator app features

Onde Uber clone script is there to make the work of your operators swift and pleasant.


Orders management made smooth

Our Operator app has all the orders in one dashboard. Sort them, manage them. View order history. Add notes. Autocomplete frequently used addresses. Save time with the supreme taxi dispatch. 


Intelligent queue and trips tracking

All the trips your drivers made are shown in the Operator app in real-time. No more problems with finding drivers. Our taxi booking software makes sure the drivers stay engaged — our unique queue algorithm does that. It distributes the orders fairly and efficiently, based on wait times, distance, and driver rating.


 Worldwide geo-coding

Super-precise technology defines the exact place where the customer is. Precise to a millimeter. Works for every place in the world, even with no street names and house numbers. No more dispatcher mistakes. No more customers needing to explain to drivers where to go. Drivers ride straight where they need to be.

spreading information

Onde application programming interface

Let your taxi business connect with other Operator app, service providers, and apps. Stay in touch with Google maps, booking apps, any taxi ordering providers. Partner with other businesses and grow.

Passenger and Driver app features

white label apps for ios and android

 User-friendly iOS and Android apps

Both our Customer and Driver app are simple, humane and intuitive. Any smartphone or tablet can be used to run the app, even if the internet connection is not perfect. This helps your taxi business attract more drivers and clients. The navigation for drivers works precisely through every point on the route. No more shady trips. The fare estimates are always flawless. Our taxi booking software always chooses the most beneficial rides for your clients.


More than 40 service types

At Onde, we believe there’s an Uber clone script possible for any business. That’s why you decide what service types to provide with our white-label apps. There are more than 40 options, including delivery, roadside assistance, and electric vehicles. Choose the services your clients can book via the apps and grow your business.

driver app ride-hailing taxi

Heatmap in Driver app

Thanks to our heatmap, your drivers always know in what pick-up locations more drivers are needed. During the rush hours, this feature is everyone's favorite.


Credit cards and variety of payment options

A critical feature for an Uber clone app is to be at the forefront when it comes to payments. At Onde, we’ve integrated the most reliable payment gateways (Stripe, Mercado Pago, and many more) so that customers could pay with debit and credit cards wherever your taxi business operates. And of course, you can accept cash payments or set up promo codes for the customers to share.


SOS buttons in Customer and Driver apps

The safety of your drivers and customers is the highest priority of our ride-hailing app solution. Both drivers and customers can set an emergency phone number. Just in case.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers

  • Can Onde mobile apps be branded?

    All the mobile apps Onde makes are white-label. This means they are highly-customizable, and your brand is paramount for us. This is why we also provide app and logo design and branding assistance if you need it.
  • How reliable is Onde system?

    We are backed by powerful backend. Onde cloud hosting solution allows up to 100,000 ride requests per second. Focus on profit while Onde does the technical support. No need to own infrastructure, servers or work with system administrators. We handle it all. Any questions about the pricing? Visit our Pricing FAQs page.

All-in-one Uber clone app solution

Get aboard at Onde and skyrocket your Uber-like ride-hailing business. Profit from our expertise and technically supreme solution. Become the next market leader.